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Herd Reacts When Introduced | Tami Marler's Herd Boss - At Up-Tube.com

Herd reacts when introduced Tami Marler's herd boss 2 days ago   07:01

Tami Marler
Raven and Alfred came from the same kill pen a week apart in late September. We made the unprecedented decision to quarantine them together, since they were exposed to the same germs on the same lot (the other option was to let Raven ship to slaughter, which was not an option).

Because they quarantined together, Raven and Alfred are remarkably bonded. Separating them has been a major emotional ordeal that we feared Raven may not survive. Raven is the alpha of the two, and when she's unable to protect Alfred, she becomes so agitated, she froths at the mouth and runs about at full speed, knocking her limbs against fence posts and plowing through anything in her path. She was inconsolable. With the stupid Oklahoma weather going from flash flooding turning our paddocks to quicksand to the threat of Snowmageddon, we feared conditions were so hazardous, Raven
would break a leg or impale herself.

We decided to put them both in the round pen in the center of the pasture for a week, where the herd could go nose to nose with them - especially during feeding time - and where they could get accustomed to the pecking order of the herd. The plan was to first release Raven so that she could still see Alfred while protecting herself.

Because Snowmageddon is expected this weekend, we needed to expedite the process of releasing them to the herd so that they could find warmth and protection in the snow. Because the herd was already accustomed to having them around, we decided to release them together.

Winston, the baby and boss-in-waiting, was (as usual) first to check out the pair. Raven gave him a couple of nasty warning kicks, sending him to the safety of his herd's mama mare. The rest of the herd gathered around Aubrey inside the round pen while Bo (who's being treated for EPM) worked the newbies.

Bo's an excellent manager, and he's not going to let a little EPM keep him from running his herd. Watch how the rest of the gang retreats to the round pen where Aubrey is only concerned with the delicious hay the new kids have been eating. Raven and Alfred stick to each other as they find their place in the herd's pecking order.

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Leslie Ross
thank you fr sharing this moment
Melissa Warfield
Love to see the interactions with the two new horse's. I'd love to be there watching the horse's with you
Luz Gonzalez
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Tami Marler's herd boss Herd reacts when introduced 2 days ago   12:04

Swingin' D Horse Rescue is a 501C3 in Coweta, Oklahoma. http://swingindhorserescue.com

This video features our experience with a horse that was a stallion when we rescued him (we advocate for cutting the boys), then was gelded after 10 years of enjoying the fruits of his jewels. We geld all males in order to stop the cycle of unwanted horses going to slaughter. We advocate for responsible breeding and against "backyard" breeding, or breeding for the sake of having a cute little baby horse. After months of easing Cash toward the herd, this was his first day on the inside.

The herd began with Bo and Aubrey - two pampered horses that developed a deep bond. The ranch became a rescue for slaughter horses, and every month or so a new gelding was very carefully, safely and slowly added after they were saved from slaughter and quarantined.

Twenty-five rescues later, with only one scuffle (this one) Bo maintains his status as herd boss. Aubrey remains the only mare - and she belongs only to Bo. All of the geldings have tried, and all have failed. They get it. (Aubrey is separated from the boys when she's in season, and all horses are separated during feeding time.)

The horses have all known each other across fences for months. The palomino paint had to be protected as he recovered from starvation at the hands of a criminally unscrupulous "rescuer" in Arkansas.

When they met face to face for the first time, the new guy pooped first, then all the males smelled it. Then Bo pooped and they smelled it. Then Bo and the new guy engaged in a brutal kick off. Then Bo rushed to gather up Aubrey, with his faithful servants in tow.

Watch the dynamics of Herd Boss Bo defending his girl.

We save horses from the slaughter pipeline or situations of abuse or neglect and nurse them back to health. We evaluate the horse, provide training and place it with the optimal owner.

Swingin' D also advocates for responsible horse ownership, providing materials and information to help the horse owner minimize cost and maximize time spent enjoying their companion. We advocate for exceptional (not "good enough") care that encourages a simpatico relationship between horse and rider.