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Jodie Foster. The Academy Award winning actor, producer and director joins us for a feature chat about her latest.... a dark, dramatic comedy called "The Beaver," co-starring the controversial Mel Gibson.

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Sueli Alves
Aniversário dela hoje
ivan carlson
Jodie - the smartest woman
Erik Ghast
He said Inherant.
Betty Bloch
[...he's an actor who was exposed on youtube, ...he wants to change, and he doesn't know how, ...., I think a lot of [people] have not taken a full look at his insight...][..what is it for you talking about he's behavior..][..I cannot speak about his behavior, ....he's the most beloved actor I ever worked with, ...he's interesting, ...he ran over and I know that about him, ....]
Betty Bloch
[what did you compell to tell that story...?]['s a challenging film,'s light-hearted, a deep emotional film, ....but a combination of things that are really true, ...a son who doesn't want to be alike his father, .....a dent in the wall, ....][...why was Mel Gibson the right part in this film, ....][..he can handle all the things in the film, ...][...Mel Gibson .....public last summer..., so the puppet on his left hand is....(reference to the film title, and puppet, called "beaver") did he know he can do that....][....he's rare Winston charachter,...., it was interesting, to saw it come to live, ....the beaver becomes a mask, to escape who he is, can identify with him....][...there are my little obsession, ...the truest charachter you are, is the one on screen, ...]['re an actress since you are three..][...some in the script...sometimes occurs in the beginning, you think, you think you have variation in your characters, other words, the beaver is a - an over manifestation - we have all multiple ....][ adopts a choice between a life-sentence and a death-sentence, ....
Betty Bloch
[.....this is a man who wakes up, and he has two choices, a life-sentence, or a death-sentence, ..but at some point the survival tools - they gotta go.....][...][..I think you can start over, but you can't erace your past, ..., he has a lot of work to do, some part is, he has medication, he has depression - his depression is really rooting in medication, some part is talk therapie, some is taking medication, ....][ you ever feel caged in by being Jodie Foster?][ come with this baggage and you meet somebody, but they know a whole bunch of things about you..... - somehow I am in a bathroom somewhere, and I am handed a two-year old baby, and saying: here! - I am gonna throw up, .][...if you have no persona....][...not one of the black market......I am an idiot, part as well, ][...]['s a way of keeping distance, ....][...][...the other question is the baggage so bad, he wants to change, he....he's ...I think a lot of people haven't seen...they haven't seen blood and flesh, and...][ spoken in defense of Mel Gibson...][..I can't defend his behaviour..., ..., what I know, is the man that I know, ...he's one of the most beloved man that I know...he's there for me...][ in Canada..., ....but I am hesitant to support his career, ...Mel Gibson..., ..][..gosh, I don't know, ...I think - I am doing the right thing...]
Lovely woman thru and thru...........❌🔴❌🔴
Abdalelah Mofleh
Abdalelah Mofleh
Abdalelah Mofleh
Lincoln Meredith
I've only watched the first 5 seconds if this & I know he's going to be morbid
Joe Smith
Jian choked Jodie after the show.
Ning Taylor
Heart this one. Phenomenal, down-to-earth & intelligent woman. Walking legend.
love her...but ...uhh
Rey Mazodurohot
Jodie.... Bienvenida a mi mundo, MAMACITA
Lhin Doh
She has some resemblance to Farrah Faucett. That would make her a sensation here. She sizzles.
Hannes Bongard
Diana DagoMc
I love listen to her! It's amazing, she is amazing !
This woman is mesmerizing, once you start to listen to her speech you cannot stop... o.o
13.56 - prophetic or what.
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Phil Collins on Q TV Jodie Foster on QTV 1 day ago   31:52
Whether it's as the lead singer of Genesis or as a solo artist Phil Collins has had no problems finding success.