Drake Cut Off During Grammys Speech Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars 2 months ago   01:20

ET Canada
As he accepted his award for Best Rap Song, Drake was cut off after dissing the Grammys, and Graeme O’Neil wonders if it was a deliberate move by the Grammys.

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Zachary Herzberg
The point of the speech was saying he doesn’t care about the award that much. So he doesn’t care if the Grammys don’t like him...
Drake's a satanist but he has a point
Elgy Bonica
travis harris
"At award shows cutting through the tension, of course"
Youssef Mahmod
He deserve it
Hell Raizah
good for u drake...i appreciate real honesty #$corpios ✊
Ratu Seru Mataika
Being cut off was God's plan.
Dicaru 007
Top 10 anime betrayals
Shimaz Carter
drake lowkey dissed the grammy lmfa
Kevin Vang
Drake knows his time is coming up.. So he tryna put a message out
A-Law _8
i didn’t see pusha win a grammy lmao
Mr. Crow Black ops 4 king
Darlene Wakefield
it was a diss to someone that is not a rapper. what he was saying, was a bunch of people choosing to give you an award as opposed to the millions that make their way to support you and come see you is not that important. That award doesn't validate you. find value in your work and your fans
hes not even dissing nobody hes speaking facts smh people get offended or just jump to conclusions too quick in this world yall get on my nerves smh.
Rafael Carrillo
Drake: but...
Grammys: but nothing stfu 😂
FerSer Kur
Drake a real SAVAGE.
Sobano S
You won't find latin artists being such ingrates. These guys have HUGE egos and have forgotten where they came from
Eddie Tucker
It was in God's 🙏 plan for him to feel that way, this is ungratefulness.
Delta v Force
This entertainment person is a moron Drake said nothing like that he wanted to inspire and was grateful. Give your head a shake citidiot.
Michelle Greener
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Ellen DeGeneres' 86th Oscars Drake Cut Off During Grammys Speech 2 months ago   08:55

Host Ellen DeGeneres' opening monologue at the 86th Oscars in 2014.