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Stuntmen React To Marvel Bad & Great | - At Up-Tube.com

Stuntmen React To MARVEL Bad & Great 2 weeks ago   14:56

Corridor Crew
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This Episode ► The Crew is joined by Stuntman and Actor Gui DaSilva-Greene to react and break down some of Hollywood's best and worst Stunts!

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I wished the the final fight in BP took place in the throne room. Better lightning, no need for CGI overload, and it would have been a symbolic fight.
We all go see movies because our favorite actors are in it. But in action movies it truly is thanks to the stunt people who make all these cool moves that make the movie look amazing and worthwhile. It's also very cool when we learn that an actor/actress does his or her own stunts or at least tries to do most of them (you know studios execs don't like to risk their lead stars)and that makes them 10x cooler. But yeah props to all the stunt men and women out there putting their lives basically on the line so we can have an awesome movie experience. BTW Black Panther became one of my favorite superheroes after Civil War and it's nice to see the guy behind those moves. Damn good job buddy!
I've never had my credit card information stolen because I don't trust credit cards.

But my sister does, so I just pay her back whatever she grabs for me in cash.
Issu The Red Panda
marvel L
God Gui's laugh just gives me life
homie looking like wiz khalifa out here
WHJD Biking
I have never had my details stolen

I’m twelve
12:33 that's usually how you breake your collar bone!... Glad nothing happened!
Ennio Schnieder
Did you see Clints beard in the sponsored segment?
Lynx B
"I haven't seen this movie.

you guys should make T shirt of this quote
Damn, didn’t know majority of that was practical. The layer of CGI just makes everything seem completely generated
Calvin King
Do Gundala Stuntman react
Tranquilo Guy
i like that bass line at the beginning.
Rufus lion gaming
I don’t have a credit card
Camamations 1
Camamations 1
I don’t even have a credit card
i didnt understand the title react to marvel bad and great holywood stunts ???????
i heard that right now during the sponser
Safwan Shah
LMAO best thumbnail ever!
That Guy In Green -shutting down soon-
Never understood that as awesome as the fighting is, marvel fights will always look like doodoo cause of the editing
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Stuntmen React To MARVEL Bad & Great 2 weeks ago   12:08