Adele meets her fan 2015 Adele Chicago United Center 2 months ago   01:52

Hanh Le

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I wanna be there 😭😭😭
Morris Yang
adele for president
Serenity Rice
adele is my favorite singer in the world I love her soooooooooooooooooooooooo much she's the best 💕😊
gi_mylenee Mylene
Nós somos adeleeee....Delinhaaa❤❤😘😘😘😘
truth the rapper
Love her. Truth the rapper
truth the rapper
How cool she went out too meet her fans very humble of her..
M Looww
I have never seen Matt wanting to hold someone's hand so much😍
Emily Perez
the guy is lucky, he can hold adeles hand
Jana Gamal
i love her,she is lovely ..♡
Jojo Estanero
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Adele Chicago United Center Adele meets her fan 2015 2 months ago   06:21

Hello :), I'm uploading these for the fans. All Copyrights belong to Adele, and other respective owners.

I made several videos from the evening of 7-13-2016 which I plan to upload. Video, and audio are clean, but I wish I would have made some adjustments to my camera, as Adele is a bit washed out by the spotlights at times. Other times she looks amazing, and I have some great close ups. I try to keep my camera low, to not disturb those behind me etc, this makes much of the videos from a POV. So we have a lot of the 2 men in front of me as co-stars of the videos, hope they don't mind. Okay I'm rambling. Hope you enjoy these videos, as much as me and my wife enjoyed the show. And a huge thank you to Adele fan club for these amazing seats.

In this Video:
Super Fans 0:00
Takara Sings 4:18