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Google self-driving car project
The Google self-driving car team has been working hard to master self-driving on city streets. We've taught the vehicle to navigate some common scenarios on city streets near Google's headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

More information available at:

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Amri Nasruddin
But can you handle Malaysian motorcycle riders? Huhu
Balaji Ramamurthy
Yantrai: Integrated Sensors For Autonomous Vehicle
Saqib Kazmi
Now all drivers have to learn hacking. ;)
Oh man Chitahra is kind of hot.
Jason Chen
I find the self-driving car nudges away from the cyclist. May I ask what's the minimum distance(meter) the car will keep when pass-by the cyclist?
Thomas W.G.
That wouldn't work here in Lima Peru, the drivers would just speed up and honk while passing whatever or whoever at the highest speeds possible.
Abdullah Aydın
there is perfect but i think you must help to student who interested in this topic. may be online tutorial or something
That's so cool
Tesla's Autopilot will be like "whoaat, all dat is possible?"
Andrew Sybert
is it hackable? hope not
Aiden Stanley
Hey Google, could you make it so that your test vehicles have a live feed in the format displayed in this video?
Lee Bee
The thing is, when I hear about a driverless car, loads of questions immediately pop into my mind, like:
1. What kind of sensors does it use?
2. How does it know where it is, in terms of navigation?
3. How do you program it?
4. Is there a screen?
5. What kind of feedback do you get on where you are?
6. How many sensors are there? Where are they located?
7. How is the construction different to a normal car?
8. What range does the car scan?
9. Are there any manual controls?
10. Does it go normal speed?
11. Does it go on freeways?
12. Can you make course corrections?
13. When's it coming out?
14. Does it need to have the maps updated like sat-navs do?
15. Is the car somehow tied-in to other Google projects or systems?
16. Seating capacity?
17. What's the spinning thing on top?
18. What happens if a bird poos on a sensor? Does the car shut down?
19. The car in this video looks nothing like the car in the other video. Is this just a test car or an alternative model?
20. The car in this video seems to have two built-in screens? Will the real models have these features?

This video gave some information about the software, but didn't answer any of the basic questions. But at least there was no silly music in this video.
Trump 4 Prison 2020
A lot of people don't realize that current cars have computer systems too. Meaning, they can face hacking and glitches now, just as much as if they were self-driving.
Wow ! Google has produced self-driving car. That's amazing. As anyone who has drove a car before and never try this... would like to know something about this self-driving car. Does the driver has to be always on alert on the steering wheel , if something dangerous ahead of the road when the self-driving car could not perform this kind of function like avoiding or stop or turn ! Well, self-driving car is fantastic if one would think of just relaxing and have a short nap like 5 or 10 minutes when one is too sleepy !!!!! And, just let the car driving on it's own...... Maybe, this is not possible like presumming 100 % of accident-free !!!!
Are there precautions and protocols to deal with hackers and programming errors?
I really enjoy driving.  Im 27 and would like the idea of having a self driving car in traffic or on a long trip, but some days on my way to work i really look forward to my drive.
I could imagine so many bike trolls
Simon Sun
Simon Sun
John Rose
A.) Standard Douche bag bicyclist. 
B.) This girl is the epitome of cute. 
C.) I really can't wait for this so I can kick back and watch a movie and not have to worry about bullet point "A".
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