Every NBA Star's Best Ankle-Breaker! Craziest Plays In College Football 1 week ago   10:20

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If you read this and don't subscribe then you will get you ankles broken in the next week.
Gordon Gray
F to pay respect
Jakob M
Look at the player on the bench at 2:03 doing the running man
These ankle breakers r decent and all but we all know Dwight Howard is the best ball handler in the league by a long shot.
Jaiden’s Toyhouse
Bugs Bunny
Where is pachuiia breaking kawhi's ankle?
crozzy juice
the disrespect to carmelo .. how do you not have him in this
Devin booker is the whole team
Blazers announcers are funny lol
Jericho Paligutan
I prefer for Curry part when he crosses over Rudy Gobert
Dave Louis
8:00 Gotta be one of the most disrespectful things I've seen 😂
Amy Bell
Human Person
8:00 Harden be like: slowly but truly
NBA Phenom League
1:06 "anke breaker"
Donny Jones
Kyrie doesnt have a best crossover😂 that kid is insane
kid 66
James Harden is a pro Ankle breaker.
Escoz PS4-Gaming
Bradley beal stepped on his foot it was on the replay😂
Din fars far
2:49 wtf just happened, looks like a 2k glitch
Yoan Ulin
Sure #1 Allen iverson OHH MYY GODD
back in the day Allen iverson did this like every game I’m not joking.

Kids search him up.
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Craziest Plays In College Football Every NBA Star's Best Ankle-Breaker! 1 week ago   25:29

The craziest, most unbelievable, and best plays in College Football History. These are some of my favorite plays and they are the kind of plays that make college football awesome. This video took a very long time to make, so please like, comment, and subscribe if you enjoy. Thanks for watching!

I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes only.