7 WORST Gaming Habits You Need The SHOTGUN TRAP that SAVED 10 months ago   11:38

Gaming has likely trained you to do some little things you may not even realize. Here are some examples.
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Antariksh Ghosh
Postures really matters if u are losing in the game or so ?
My worst habit: eating while gaming
Lex Lopez
The thumbnail is a cursed image
Chris Dobbins
well that kinda happens normal like in any community why do you think we have jails so yes it is safe to call it a community
“Real World” is just another vr
Belinda J
As a female gamer I've had some horrible things said to me after beating a guy on multiplayer, however 99% of the time I've had utmost respect from guys, some are even quite protective over me in game when someone is shooting me, which I think is kinda sweet, not that I need it like 😆
My sin is eating stuff with my hands and then not washing them before using my controller, I dread to think what's growing on there..
Caleb Mclain
The thumbnail made me cringe
Boihotdogs Mate
I have a Habit called “Being A Villain” which is Doing Probably the Most Evil Choice

Like incapacitated one of the Enemy Team then Wait for them to Help him

Then I’d ambushed them, it’s like I’m making they’re Team Feel Bad for his Teammates
my Feedback: This video is trash, y r u telling me i'm not allowed to play 20 min before an Event or whatever
The SasGaming
Sigh these guys is running out of ideas.
Jessica Firkus
When I play games I always lay down or stand I have a habit of sitting then randomly stand
Antwar Talley
Gamers aren't a community, we are just a bunch of people locked in the same cage of escapism.
Brendan Doyle
On console siege, you get kicked if you have a mic 😂
I thot that thumbnail was going to be one of the habits. I hate playing with dirty hands. I always wash my hands before I start playing. its just something I have to do cuz if i dont it will be bugging me knowing that i did'int wash my hands. weird....I know.
Mister onsépatro
One gaming habit I have is to get angry at teammates when they suck at the game
Blue Diamond
My bad habit was completing one freaking hard level and forgetting to save it after (Not all the time but sometimes)... Then the next time I got on I realized I had to start that level all over again... I think that is when you just die a little inside, if you know what I mean...
Egyptian reporters
2:04 exists the controller isn't even on
Crushed dragon
2:03 legend has it. That screen still multiplies to this day
Crushed dragon
Hey there falcon
aabhas tiwari
Ok boomer
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The SHOTGUN TRAP that SAVED 7 WORST Gaming Habits You Need 10 months ago   13:28


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