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How Dua Lipa Became One Of Pop Music's Biggest | Dua Lipa - See In Blue (Documentary) - At Up-Tube.com

How Dua Lipa became one of pop music's biggest Dua Lipa - See in Blue (Documentary) 12 months ago   07:18

ABC News
"I've done a lot of my learning on the job because everything has happened so fast," Dua Lipa told ABC News' "Nightline." "And it was quite daunting and quite scary."

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Venus Goldenburg
Since day one supported her even though I really want to be a singer as well
kostas T.S.S
Actually Dua means "Want" not love but you can say " te dua" which means I want you
Brenda Leiva
q hermosa q es loco
julio chino
No stage presence...
Abhirup Bera
Dua got great packs
Jorge Piña
Love you dua lipa
Taufik Rahman
I don't know why but Dua Lipa... she is something. 🤔😅
mansoor khan
i really love her
abc abc
Because she’s one of the white iluminati member!
put your fucking phones down you fucks
wouldn't have happened if she weren't hot as fuck
Etna Luto
Here you are natural, you have no botox! Brravo! You look great! Getting botox, will destroy your skin, you will grow old very fast! Look at some....! Take care of your looks!
Alexander Romero Amaya
She is beautiful I love you dua lipa
My god her father is a major dilf
p tus
Her dad is a hot man!
Brian Charles
She deserves it. Dua has her own style, an amazing voice, great songs, works very hard, and has the star quality a lot of singers lack!
Thomas Proszowski
Music phenomenon right beside Presley The Bittles and Pink Floyd 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
ElecTrance 92
There is no luck ,growing skill, as we've seen, requires deep practice. But deep practice isn't a piece of cake: it requires energy, passion, and commitment. In a word, it requires motivational fuel, the second element . motivation is created and sustained through a process I call ignition. Ignition and deep practice work together to produce skill in exactly the same way that a gas tank combines with an engine to produce velocity in an automobile. Ignition supplies the energy, while deep practice translates that energy over time into forward progress . .......extract in Daniel coyle research.
Handbag Lover
She’s clearly very talented and beautiful. I can see her being endless.
Jessi romero
I feel that she has both talent and beauty so it was easier for her but other good singers might not be as attractive and struggle more to make it in the industry cuz it’s about the image and looks sadly
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Dua Lipa - See in Blue (Documentary) How Dua Lipa became one of pop music's biggest 12 months ago   09:24

Dua Lipa - See in Blue (Documentary)

"You’ve gotta work really, really hard — not just for music, but for anything you do in life,” London singer Dua Lipa said about her come-up to pop star in See In Blue, a new documentary short film produced by The FADER and YouTube Music. “I didn’t think having a career like this was in my reach,” she continued.

As the daughter of a musician, Dua Lipa grew up surrounded by music, inspired by listening to Christina Aguilera, Stereophonics, and Robbie Williams as a teen. At 15, she started posting videos on YouTube, showcasing her incredibly powerful voice with covers of her favorite songs. But the transition from recording in her bedroom to recording in studios wasn’t always easy. "I’ve had ups and downs trying to find myself,” she said about the process of discovering her sound.
The earnest, neon-tinged film chronicles Dua Lipa’s transformation, interspersed with footage of her expansive performances. In See In Blue, Dua Lipa shows off her true, new self — the self she’s been working to become. Intent on authenticity and influenced by the likes of J. Cole and Nelly Furtado, her dreams of making a pop album that defines her as an artist have come true. “Mwah!”
Watch See In Blue above, and read The FADER’s interview with Dua Lipa here.

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