Is the #InvisibleChallenge Safe for Your Pets? These Are the Wackiest Auction Items 3 months ago   02:07

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The #InvisibleChallenge is putting your dog's intelligence to the test. The challenge involves taping plastic wrap to a doorway and seeing how your dog reacts. Some jump over it and some move away. The owners like to cheer on their pups while they try to figure out what to make of it. But some people on social media think the challenge could be harmful for pets.'s Justine Re speaks to veterinarian Laurie Hess on why she thinks the challenge is dangerous.

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Melted Earth0015
What if they suffocate?
REEEE you wanna KIL yo DOG
Sanna playz
Poor dogs
Kezaria Braddy
I love ❤️ TUCKER BUDZYN HE IS SO CUTE 🤣😂❤️I follow him on instagram and TikTok
Honey Bee Aesthetics
i did this with all 3 of my dogs only 1 knew what to do. one of them didn't even get close to the wrap. the other tried. and the last jumped over it.
Living and Loving Lopez
Geez next thing this channel will tell me is to not put bags on your head. 🙄
Living and Loving Lopez
This challenge is great. 😂
Me walking into a wall after staying up all night
Braceface._. Jordyn
Linda and Tucker!!💕
Coco and Me
Awww tucker was in it I looovveee tuucckkeerr
Tane and Mollie
It’s tucker 👌🏽
My mom doesnt wanna waste plastic wrap..
Lily Gacha Studio
0:31 TUCKERRRRRR!!! @Tucker Budzyn
Michi Moon
aye its kat
Bruh just let the trend be
ThAt GuY
Bunny Mojica
Sadie McIntyre
Next video: *is breathing dangerous?*
my dog will just stand there theme lye down✌✌🕶🕶🕶
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These Are the Wackiest Auction Items Is the #InvisibleChallenge Safe for Your Pets? 3 months ago   03:08

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