50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget 50 Greatest Snooker Shots of Year 9 months ago   12:27


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Dániel Papp
This list misses a lot of important and truely unforgettable goals... but it has lik 8 mediocre CR goals and a Ramos header :D
Ratilal Nawale
All are done by 7, 10 no jerseys 😂😂😂😂
Z.Ibrahimovic Sweden. i think you mean heaven
Where is GERRARD
francesco totti e basta
it is more beautiful the goal of Totti in 2000 against the Netherlands than that of Zidane in 2006
Football is for whitetrash.
ShardZ _
What about David luiz’ free kick goal in the World Cup 2014
Beran Harvey
Vardy v Liverpool?!
Octavio Vea Tapia
El de Sergio Ramos no vale verga, es muy normalito no tiene que estar aquí
Gaied Mahdi
8+17+26+28 don't deserve to be there, the rest are nice history
Leonardo Costa
aaaaaaanfamone lamo vinto noi er mondiale
KS Loh
Troy Deeney? you're having a laugh...
Brian Phelan
50 goal. Are good but not the greatest.... Many of the best goals are scored by players from lesser know clubs and countries..... Id love to see a top 50 of those also
Göki _61
3:20 my favorite ronaldinho goal !!!
craig matthews
The most wack music I've ever heard in my entire life
Rashid Khalid
Sergio ramos average header 6.25
Mauro Athayde Campos Nascimento
well selected. Missed tim cahil's goal in 2014 world cup though. Well done
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50 Greatest Snooker Shots of Year 50 Famous Goals ● Impossible To Forget 9 months ago   18:40