My new job Ali, Marketing Vice President 1 day ago   06:43

Excited for this new chapter in my life :)

Q: Earrings?!
A: Madewell

Q: Lipstick?!
A: L'Oréal Infallible Paints 'DIY Red'

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+ Canon Rebel T3i
+ iPhone 8+
+ Sigma 30mm f 1.4
+ Final Cut Pro X
Hand-lettering: Procreate for iPad Pro

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omg I would love to be a social media coordinator! Sounds so fun! Congrats!!
Stefanie Ernst
❤️ I’m a New Yorker too... hard city but not impossible! I love the stamina and “look at me now”. Congrats (a little late).
Nikki Clark
I’m so happy for you, seriously. ♥️
Mari Gomez
I am so happy that you work for a makeup company ✨✨✨ that is my dream job and it is so inspiring seeing you achieve your goals ❤️❤️
Jenny Banful
You’re such an inspiration Katy!
I have been watching your video's for a long time. I don't have a sister, but for some reason when I click on the play button, it always feels like you are giving me sisterly life advice and courage. I'm so proud of you and happy for you. Go live your best life ❤️
So happy for you!
Girl I've been watching you on and off since you were like a sophomore in high school. This is really cool to see:) live your best Blair Waldorf life!
Arantxa Leon
I love this! I also work as a social media coordinator for my college and I would love if you could make a video on tips and tricks for your kind of position, like what degree do you need, or how did you apply for that type job. All about 😍🙏🏻❤️ I’m graduating soon, so I’m looking for every single tip I can get out there. Lol I love you your videos since the begging and oh my god congrats on your new JoB 😍😍😍 thankkk youuuu
Dima Alkharouf
I've been DYING to get an internship at L'Oreal and of COURSE you killed IT and got one!!! I couldn't think of someone more perfect to be working there!!! You're living your best life and Im loving all your pics and vids
Аня Дубовик
I love your accent!!
Kenzie Brie
I need more HelloKaty in my life! Looked up to see if I'd missed an upload and, alas, I've not. Looking forward to the next vid!
Anwesha Barua
I am from India
and I know Loreal has a big office in India
But still when I buy a L'oreal product, I will smile and think "hey katy is involved in it"

You're such an inspiration, really.....Not only beautiful physically but your thoughts, perceptions really puts matters so clear and lucid
could you do a video on books you would recommend? would love to know what kind of books you read
We love u Katy!! You’re doing good in the world
Alicea Romero
im moving to new york in a month help me get a job plz lol
Can you make a video about making friends in New York or a new city
Ali Bryan
v excited for you!
I've said it before and I'm going to say it once again: You are one of the most inspiring people on youtube!!!
Nati M
New video pleaaaase really waiting for those house updates!
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Ali, Marketing Vice President My new job 1 day ago   02:38

Ali is Marketing Vice President for Maybelline New York. The changing trends in the beauty market means Ali has to move quickly as she devises marketing plans for her products and manages retail relations to deliver on sales and profit. She describes the need for "instinct" at L'Oréal - the creative, intuitive, passionate side necessary in working in the beauty industry. She also describes the need to react quickly to the fast-changing trends in the market.

Ali, Marketing Vice President for Brand -- L'Oreal Marketing

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Ali, Marketing Vice President for Brand -- L'Oreal Marketing