#VaxXed #Indiana #dtap JENNA'S 2 MONTH UPDATE | What 2 days ago   15:22

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Jessica Deverill
Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry the evil vaccines injured your beautiful child. You are a beautiful brave family. Much love.
Last Nights Music
Vaccine shots are like a venomous snake bite
In México they seid no va cines if you are seak
Much love from México 💕💕💕
#resistblueisis Tyranny resistmedicalTyranny!
High fever, turning blue, etc..etc.. Poor child was poisoned and his body was reacting. Stupid doctors tell people that is normal . But what is the point of poison control if the poisons in vaccines are still being overlooked. Oh thats right, because they are products being sold for money. Its all about money. Get the kids sick and keep them sick. Disgusting.
Marcy Roy
God bless this family, much love 💕
Amanda Devier
You are not alone sweetheart! Praying for your family and your sweet boy
Diane Bingham
The hyper flexibility is from heavy metals..stretchy neck and joints..please detox him more..dont give up
Moe Nay
love all your videos but this one. This one comes off as super sketch.
Judy Roberts
OMG...the doctor actually did not give a vaccine because the child was sick!!! Geesh....what happened to the religious quackavacca "up to date" quackavacshit?
"Don't try to change him" - the kid can't look after himself? Your extended family are foolish and arrogant in some respects, and I am sorry. The child changed as per mum.
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JENNA'S 2 MONTH UPDATE | What #VaxXed #Indiana #dtap 2 days ago   16:01

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2 months old update for our premature baby. 2 months old and already on SnapChat. No more rotavirus immunizations! The rotavirus side effects are terrible.

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