Maleficent meets Diaval and turns How Oliver fell inlove with 2 months ago   04:37

Mikel Sablo
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Pain Is God
So basically maleficent can magically make penises and hot guys
Chris Wild
I really like her Ears!!
Archana Sharma
Maleficent trusted her wings so much that she was never afraid of falling.
And in this scene she tells diaval that she needs him to be her wings.
So I think what she meant was that she needed him to be someone she could trust as much as she did to her wing❤
Jilian Rev
21flores lizviolet
*_Diaval is so freaking hot_*
NAGGER wassup
Western stories only have heroes and villains stuff of stories, only good and bad. How they're inspired much by japanese manga and anime by giving villains sad back stories why they became evil.
That Bird is Suddenly transformed into human and he can casually talk with british accent

Just wow
Franco Real
I could just imagine Brad when she gets
Diaval: Now what, Mistress?
Maleficent: Its Makeover Time !!!!
Oh that line of Sam Riley " what have you done to my beautiful self "
Clarise Sillana
The devil is nit maleficent its stefan/stephan
Ангелина волк
Sam Riley 😍😍❤️
Angela Tran
Angelina “Jolina” 😂
This taught me to look for both sides of the story
IAmA Foodie.
2:09 bro be looking like adam levine for a second
happy pride month she could step all over me and i'd thank her
I want to pet crow like her
Twisted_Moon ML
Damn cheekbones
Alex Chan
She is strong man
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How Oliver fell inlove with Maleficent meets Diaval and turns 2 months ago   03:28

I can't wait for season 3 enymore so I had to come up with something to help us get ready for it and this idea came to me after reading this Amezing Olicity blog by (please follow her, she is the best). Hope you all like it!

ps.. huraaa for 40 subs! So cool! Is little for some but for me it means alot!