Maleficent meets Diaval and turns How Oliver fell inlove with 1 day ago   04:37

Mikel Sablo
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Laraine Thorpe
I so ship these two
Scarlet Smoak
Whats with the boxes
I thought the title was " Maleficent meets Diaval and turning him into a slave"
tharnasarn ichthys
a highlight on Diaval's chest? well he's hot indeed.
Aloy Mago
hot diaval
I just love how, as a child she dreamed f someone who would fly with her and at the end she and Diaval are soing through the air!!!!!
Kaisa lag raha hai bhai and bhar subscribers aur land bhar views🖕
Jewel Tabitha15
He knew he'll turn as a very hot human being, maleficent is lucky isnt it
Siseneg Stam
Ian Curtis looks sexy in raven Lol
Moniroth Chan
3:00 the moment he knew that he’s screwed
Clarissa Reichling
Awesome scene.
Health Beauty786
Very nice
Danny Benhur
The Beautiful Self Man...
Berdina Reynolds
Love the First movies I hope they can explain why she turned evil
Always though the music in this film seemed familiar and just realized it sounds like the main soundtrack of Bram Stoker's Dracula.
This was such a clever addition to the original story. Diablo is very one-note in the animated version, but Diaval is my favorite character in malefiecent
Ariel Lumbres
im here because of maleficent 2
Clyde Del Rosario
Why you keep showing his nipples that he doesn't have
Shiva's Chimera
One of the most beautiful women I've been the pleasure of witnessing.
yvonne middleton
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
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How Oliver fell inlove with Maleficent meets Diaval and turns 1 day ago   03:28

I can't wait for season 3 enymore so I had to come up with something to help us get ready for it and this idea came to me after reading this Amezing Olicity blog by (please follow her, she is the best). Hope you all like it!

ps.. huraaa for 40 subs! So cool! Is little for some but for me it means alot!