Harry Potter & The Cauldron Of Spoilers Reason Ivanka Trump Doesn't 1 day ago   07:51

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
J.K. Rowling can't stop revealing "Harry Potter" secrets, even though the last book came out over 8 years ago. It's time for Stephen to take spoilers into his own hands.

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‘Horcruxes are not dishwasher safe’
Making Games
He´s not a real fan, he would have known ´expecto listum´ doesn´t work. It´s ´accio´ for getting things to fly to you. Dear o dear..And you can just use english after accio. So it would have been ´accio list´. He´s making a mockery of the whole thing.
Ryan Piotr
Why didn't she mention that the t was silent when they made the movies?
This is silly... JK WAS an active consultant on all the Potter films. Why wasn’t the T silent then? Btw, saying that Dumbledore is actually gay is like Lucas revealing that Darth Vader is actually a gay slave to the Emperor... let’s see how the fans would take THAT reveal. Not too kindly I would think. There is a discernible difference between accepting LGBTQ and CELEBRATING it.
British people don't pronounce the consonants at the end of ANY of their words. Voldemorte is no exception. Go back and watch the movies, most characters NEVER pronounce the "t" at the end because they're just so damn British
Beth Elliott
noooooo hedwig
Craig Perkey
These are the segments he did when we had a normal, competent president lol
Doctor Discord
I have a friend who has that flintlock replica. I have two 17th-century French pistol replicas. The mechanisms broke u_u
Jaxsetberton Carlism
Are you really dumb enough to read clickbait? She said she put romione together for.persomal reasons, and that they would be fine with some.counsellimg. Nothing about Harry and Hermione.
Jacob Simon
From now on I will pronounce the T in Colbert.
Carolyn Grinberg
Indivizhshibble. Expecto listum?? = spit up the list??
Wait a minute. Its 2019, and Im watching this again, realizing this isn’t The Cauldron of Spoilers, Steven, its The Pensive of BS! 😂
Coletha Albert
This is my favorite monologue. Well done. Colbert. Well Done.
Mishaal Al Bader
That “Arab-disappearem” made my knees weak
Daughter of Poseidon
Harry and Hermione are more like brothers and sisters. Definitely not lovers.
Slytherin Girl
Stephen is such a HUGE nerd XD hahahahahahaha
i kept waiting for the bit that was supposed to be funny. It never came.
Did he said Pot-heats?
The spell you were looking for was ACCIO you didn't conjure the list you summoned it.
Harry and Hermione should have been together.
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Reason Ivanka Trump Doesn't Harry Potter & The Cauldron Of Spoilers 1 day ago   19:26

Reason Ivanka Trump Doesn't Understand Words - Last Week Tonight with John Oliver
Donald Trump's daughter is among the most trusted members of his administration. And yet, she appears to have extreme difficulty finding the right... letter compounds? Alphabet parties? Oh, words!!