Best goals by Connor McDavid NHL: Goalies Helped off the Ice Part 3 months ago   12:22

NHL Overtime Goals
Of course I made a compilation on McDavid. Why not?

This video was requested by Terrell M

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Official New York RangersNHL
McDavid+Gretzky OMG!
Myles Du beast
Do a Elias Peterson
Kenny Storck
Bruh he just needs a good team
Dylan ‘
Your welcome
Charlotte Gamache
Is Connor McDavid really good
Dog King
He needs a new team the Oilers literally cant afford him to be on there team there ruining his career😢 but he's still a beast tho
I think Conner Mc David is the best in the NHL🏒🥅
Luc Duguay
Nice video!!!! Very good choice of best McDavid goal....
Hudson Lungal389
Do dimanic duos
Mil Gril
People always talk about the great one...McDavid looks like sooooo much better
Kourush S
Pause the video go to 2:33 “mcjesus”
Alara Murphy
I'm pretty sure that these are all of his goals not just the best ones??!!!
Jonathan Ruth
What a waste..stuck in Edmonton..
Peter Neuman
Do Patrick Kane goals
Jake Carroll
McDavid is easily the most enjoyable to watch
Conor Smith
Do best captain goals
Isaiah Scott
Fuck I love that guy
Petr Solnicka ml.
I like Florida Panthers
James Wade
cross between...bobby orr and glan anderson..
James Wade
one man team.....
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NHL: Goalies Helped off the Ice Part Best goals by Connor McDavid 3 months ago   09:11

Never a fun sight to watch a goalie need help getting off the ice.

#NHLGoaliesHelpedOff #GoalieInjuries
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