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Music video by Ariana Grande performing pete davidson (Audio). © 2018 Republic Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Josefa Trinidad Araya Navarrete
Ari :thank you next
Pete: 😢
“Even almost got married, and for Pete I’m so thankful.”
This was short, just like Ariana’s fake love.
Denae Ingerick
What the hell is this? Lol
Daniyah Bilal - Dolphin Sr PS (1553)
is there even a chorus or a second verse?
Living With Cris
And to think me and Ariana Grande was about to have the same last name 😂😂
since pete davidson is an interlude track in sweetener, it is short like their relationship. So is pete an interlude to ari's life which leads to her new life aka thank u, next?
ElNegro Sucio
sos re trucha ari!
xX_Purplegirl_xX :/
"Even almost got married, and for Pete I'm so thankful."
Andy L
This is the first time I actually listen to the song and it's actually kind of a cute song. Crazy short. And I just hope both of them are happy now because you use the word Soulmate too much and the next person you date is going to be like "uh-huh, sure, where's my tattoo?" LOL
Leonel Cabrera
This song is so short like their relationship
goofy kidtay
Mistermike Yt
Pete davidson has left the chat :v
Tori M
Those violins at the end. Beautiful
Tikki loss
Break up with your girlfriend is now the best track for me but pete davidsonis still cute
Livia Ganesh.
To all the people saying she shouldn't have named a song about a partner because that stuff won't go away when ppl split, well listen. :'/ She got engaged. That's a really big deal because it means marriage. The whole world knew about it. And if you were following, you should have seen how happy it made her. Even if it may have been short lived, it was a part of her life and by the looks of it, she cherished and still cherishes the experience for what it taught her. So if u wanna post saying "well this is awkward," go for it, but this track is straight fire, underrated, and definitely a Sweetner. And if u can't see that, I hope you do now. Don't miss the whole point of this album. :'/
Sage Fischer
i still love this song
Latrice Hart
“Your my soul mate and all that” mmm mmm mmm Alexa play “thank you next “
Natalie Bertoni
I wish this song was more longer but I love it
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