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This Car Was Built To Piss You Off - The Million | Rotary Corvette Snuck Into - At Up-Tube.com

This Car Was Built to Piss You Off - The Million Rotary Corvette SNUCK into 2 months ago   11:30

Donut Media
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Jason Whipple of Rotiform Wheels had a simple idea for his 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco: build a fun track car that could be driven home after a day of driving. What he ended up building was a little different. This Scirocco is powered with help from a USF3 racing engine, has a full roll cage, and one of the coolest paint jobs we’ve ever seen.

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Donut Media
This is obviously one of Pumphrey's favorite cars, but what do you think of this Scirocco? Do you think people should build more art cars? Would you be afraid to drive this car?
Q .Wheatley
its a lot like a bmw art car i dig it. edit: i found the car it reminded me of, Jenny Holzer's 1999 BMW V12 LMR "protect me from what i want"
12. Handbrake? 😅🙆‍♂️
angel almaguer
patiently waiting for the corrado episode.
Brian Shaylor
What a fuckin' Masterpiece. Really inspires me to keep pushing on my own project, and I'm sure most people that see it feel the same way.
Monkey D Jamir
i hv never seen a Donut clip before, i thought he was literally high, btw insane car love it
Joe Ott
I love the car. I would have gone a different way visually but what is cool is the fact that it is art. It has a one of a kind look. When you take something mechanical a part and start over its art. The planning, matching, and fabrication done is an artistic endevor that results in an experience you end up feeling physically and emotionally instaed just a visual experience.
Seb Speed
Dope ride, dope message...
I wish the car scene can change... Here in south-africa rat rods belong on old classics. Ive got a 90s toyota and I get alot of hate for leaving it rusty.
Sebastijan Veselji
Those effects just while the camera pans it are crazy enough, I can only imagine when it's cruising.
Kendrick Vixamar
I want your job 🙏🏾
This vw is super sick 😷
Paul Z Zote
Shalamar Khan
bring back jessica!
Diego Sandoval
song? 6:10
Stanley Paul
list of songs used?? please....
Engine is from Audi..Which one? I'd like to know. Well the block, anyway, and since he said low-volume and all-aluminum, the only thing i can come up with after some research is Audi A2, funny looking car that was made entirely from aluminum, i mean it says so..
Juan Salgado
That fucken paint looks gay ass fuck
Shite paint job . Wrecked it
Nick Smith
I love E V E R Y R H I N G about this video!
kene eye
VWVortex...we all want to hate it but its been there for us during those hard times.
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Rotary Corvette SNUCK into This Car Was Built to Piss You Off - The Million 2 months ago   14:55

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