This Car Was Built to Piss You Off - The Million Rotary Corvette SNUCK into 2 days ago   11:30

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Jason Whipple of Rotiform Wheels had a simple idea for his 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco: build a fun track car that could be driven home after a day of driving. What he ended up building was a little different. This Scirocco is powered with help from a USF3 racing engine, has a full roll cage, and one of the coolest paint jobs we’ve ever seen.

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Donut Media
This is obviously one of Pumphrey's favorite cars, but what do you think of this Scirocco? Do you think people should build more art cars? Would you be afraid to drive this car?
bumper to bumper on donut employee cars?
Hrithik Jayanth
the name of the song from 4:39 pleaseee
ricky v
I have always liked the old Sciroccos. I was kind of shocked to hear Volkswagen still sold these in Europe but we never got them again in the USA. Oh, well. Maybe, one day we'll get the awesome cars that other countries get. (:
Alana Rabby Dowling
Damn this shit deep.
Amrit Panda
Pretty bad dad issues
Did anyone notice the dash has the Koenigsegg CCXR dash?
Antti Pitkänen
Guys, anyone knows whats that change font is?
Giancarlo Lopassio
to many adds bro... better chill out. Might make people start leaning towards hating that your selling out,,,
dead at 180hp... all that work lol
thats deep bro thats deep
I spy a pint of Guinness @3:43
Ryan Mack
you should do the 2020 ford explorer st
RC guy Finland
Full restoration to 39 year old car. This not some rusty road kill car with just engine swap and turbo. Reability. This what 1980 Euro race cars were. Authentic! Horse powers only number and its zero if your car is broken.
Real Boss
Bumper to bumper on the G-wagon 6x6?
Turd Ferguson
Love every aspect of this car, but I cant get over that butchered intake...
JRC Automotive
A VW guy with powered by Dodge on his chest. Seems legit
Can we have a spyker featured in this show ?
Ben Crosbie
I feel it's inspired by skateboards 👌🏽
Amazing paint. Shoulda put a satin clear coat at least though.
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Rotary Corvette SNUCK into This Car Was Built to Piss You Off - The Million 2 days ago   14:55

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