Gordon Ramsay's WEIRDEST Hotel Hotel Hell - Season 3 Episode 5 months ago   06:18

Gordon Ramsay
Some of the worst rooms on Hotel Hell.

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Patrick Star
"The moment I saw it I had to have it. So I begged my daddy to get it for me."
Cookiieplays Cookiies
:doctor he’s your very first child
:gordan perfect
:doctor what are you doing with salt and pepper?
:gordan lightly season it.
:doctor nooooooooooo D:
pisit dathong
I smell penny’s
San's Shiber
This turned into ghost adventures real quick
Goofy Goober
The bed is fucking *RAW*
Top5 SavageDude
Gordon Ramsay: I’ll have a cup of water
Employee: Here you go...
Gordon Ramsay: It’s unseasoned
Top5 SavageDude
U better season the hotel
0:50 no you are!
crusty memes
I thought the bug's were roasted
No such thing as ghosts. Dumb bitch
Hjwah hh
OOOOOOH it’s those two assholes
3:00 why didnt you also put the moment Gordon gets stuck inside the room and takes 10 minutex to get out?
Christian Veng Espersen
why have I just saw these videos for 6 hours now, help me
I am a movie spoiler
Gordon: I want a hotel room.
*gets a room*

Gordon: it's dry and has no taste
Mega Bucks
the owners are weird
Zack seems like a nice person.
2:20 it’s miss piggy
RBabik Ii
You forgot the fockin lamb sauce!
Where Chef Mike at?
Anderson McDuffie
Ghost:Pulls blankets from Gordon
Gordon:What is that I see on you? IS THAT MOLD??????????
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Hotel Hell - Season 3 Episode Gordon Ramsay's WEIRDEST Hotel 5 months ago   41:54

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