Gordon Ramsay's WEIRDEST Hotel Hotel Hell - Season 3 Episode 2 weeks ago   06:18

Gordon Ramsay
Some of the worst rooms on Hotel Hell.

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Raj Sarkar
Gordon's video initiating line - " Do u see/smell tht?!..Ahhhh..Disgusting!" xD
Gamer 207
Gordon: just touch it
Oh Yeah Yeah
EaST CoAsT MaCHete
$350 a night for a room that smells like shit. Lol
Slime is Dead
“ I convinced my daddy to get it for me”
Yeah 👌
This room tastes like crap, no seasoning!!
Nocturne Band
gordon I hope you will read this . fuck you you are bitch and fuck your whole life ) and fuck your whole family idiot cunt and shit person fuck you fuck you @gordon ramsay
Okay but those hotels did look disgusting
Gaming Apache
hi gordon
Leo Harker
I got an aerogard ad
[AP-STUDENT] Jieco Andres Lao
Everytime gordon tries to touch or use a furniture and ended up breaking got me ded
OhhSplash Krs
Props to anyone that can defend themselves with a telescope
I wish i would be a little more like gordon
Robert K
Gordon, no judgement, but is this the best you and your producers can come up with? Life moves pretty fast, enjoy it, and forget this shite. and if you need new management call me.
Quazzy Modo
Its fu*+Ing raw!
WAS mold. Not were. Unbelievable. And that room... Maybe she should try something that doesn't require thinking.
Syrena Xhaferi
he is kind of hyper critical
Roundabout Airsoft
Gordon Ramsey, the judge of not just food, but Homotel rooms as well.
Rockstar Rahul - Clash of Clans & Clash Royale
Don't go for cheap hotel
Darwin Sacay
weird things is for weird people
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Hotel Hell - Season 3 Episode Gordon Ramsay's WEIRDEST Hotel 2 weeks ago   41:54

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