Trump's Big Lie About Puerto Rico President Trump's new press secretary 1 day ago   01:52

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Trump keeps claiming that he gave $91 billion for Hurricane Maria relief — but Puerto Rico's governor Ricardo Rosselló is setting the record straight.
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In US news and political news, President Trump is being called out by Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello. President Trump lies often, but recently he's been claiming that Puerto Rico got $91 billion from the Trump administration and US government in Hurricane Maria relief to help with the Puerto Rico crisis. This is not true. Places like San Juan, Puerto Rico were thrust into darkness after Hurricane Maria. While a Trump national emergency was necessary for the southern border, there's a Trump Puerto Rico feud over resources. The Trump fact check here comes courtesy of PR Governor Ricardo Rosselló.

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Cha lin
Now he needs a math class. There is huge difference in 11b and 91b... wow..
Trumps racism on a national level.
Trump is the BIGGEST liar EVER!! Why are there Puerto Rican’s in Florida still supporting this monster?!
Kevin Davis
says the man that rides around island like rock star and dictator of puerto rico makes me sick to my core he should be in jail all that money you evil evil man stop the lie and give the people threre money
New Aeroclub Aguirre Corp
Trump received 91billion Dollars each month from Puerto Rico USA ,making money w/PR
Maybe that GOVERNOR stole the 91 billion
Peggy Churchill
Puerto not a lie. People or admin did nothing to help themselves.
Eric Medeiros
Breaking news , trump got some figures wrong ! Woops it happens. Not according to the democrats! Mistakes dont happen! Dumb democrats, when are you going to get morals!
The money is at a stand still just like the the money is at a stand still in Florida. The House Democrats and Republicans have the money on hold from people. that really need it. Behind closed doors they share salads from Ruth and Chris Steakhouse from every taxpayer'.These elected officials have fixed fights almost like wrestling. We have to vote Congress out since they haven't been taking care of their Districts.
91 billion doesn't equal 11 billion. Stop lying Drumpf. 🙄
Larry Hackleman
Trump 2020
Cesar Z
So he's lying but I guess the caravans are a manufactured crisis 🤣 or an undocumented immigrant....they're called illegal aliens!😉
Edward Miessner
"They have to love their president!" Everything has to revolve around Donnie.
John Dear
All able Puerto Rican’s should established residency in the states and register to vote just before every important and every presidential election so that we can start getting rid of all these Republican prejudice bozos.
Brutal Truth
Good enough for the Democrats to Vacation there a couple years ago.
Isn't it a proven fact by now that "LOSER TRUMP" lies about everything ! His business ! His affairs ! His marriages! His promises ! His goals ! His past ! Never has there been a more UNFIT person to hold the office of President than this LIAR IN CHIEF ! ENOUGH ALREADY ! THE "CANCER" IN THE WHITE HOUSE MUST BE REMOVED ! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Jacob Grimm
not only has he lifted the trophy ban but he has lied that does it he has to be impeeched and the trophy ban reinstated
I'm sorry, before we give you any money, please show me your green card...
How much did they actually get?
Elishabeth Winckler
Jacob Grimm
that political pinnochio has to go period in fact kick out of office and for that matter out of the entire usa
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President Trump's new press secretary Trump's Big Lie About Puerto Rico 1 day ago   03:21

Before she became part of team Trump in 2015, Stephanie Grisham worked elected officials in Arizona, including former Attorney General Tom Horne and ex-Speaker of the House David Gowen.