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throwing things
World Cup 2014 is lot of more excited than 2018
Hielke Edema
When Holland was stil good
Minh Tường Nguyễn
I love mesi
David Arismendi
아르헨티나 저때는 진짜 강국이었군아..
Ritesh Kumar
Sheeji Bastian
To be frank....the best goal was from the comment if u agree
ro ziko
WTF where is robben's goal???
Yedi Moreno
Ganaba vlaar, rebote para Giovanni, va contra blind disparooo gooool, goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool... golazo infernal, impresionante de Giovanni dos santos, Giovanni, tantas veces te pedí una desgraciado tantas veces, he vomitado bilis por ti, se me ha caído el pelo por ti, tengo nervio por ti, voy al psiquiatra por ti y hoy, hoy por fin apareces, maldita sea, por fin aparece Giovanni doctor, dijimos éste es el Giovanni de las masas, hoy Giovanni venía mejor, apapachamos a Giovanni, lo acariciamos.
Gracias Giovanni, perdóname bose
Riley Drkulec
Tim cahill's goal was by far the best, takes the most amount of skill to hit a ball coming over your shoulder across your body with that velocity and have the perfect accuracy
el patriarca
Los goles de Messi fueron apuros paquetes xd
Marcelo Medina
Higuain la concha de tu madre.
삶이란도통 무엇인지
Where is Messi goal match Argentina VS Iran ?????? Hey!!!!
The Song please?
Andreaferreira Ferreira76
Dale like si lo ves en 2019
aryan tandukar
Make Messi great again
Ethan Liu
Rodriguez 2014=🔥🔥🔥
Sudip Acharjee
What a goal scored by Van Persei 👏👏👏😙
Allu asif Allu asif
Where is argentina iran messis goal thats extra ordinary mind blowing goal
Weghara Rangsa
Wahhh James😀😀😀
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