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Gary Neville analyses Manchester United's 3-0 home defeat to Tottenham and believes that despite the club's form, Ed Woodward should let Jose Mourinho stay until the end of his contract.

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Arsalan Yz
7 reasons why Mourinho should leave Man United;

+ His defensive mindset as a manager (which only worked best with porto, Chelsea and Inter), on the balance sheet!
+ He’s mostly the manager of the “ Status Quo” (this goes to suggest that Mourinho Thrives only by the notion of the “presence” and therefore needs full compliance from everyone around him; from the board to the fans, in order to fully back him, both financially and spiritually. This is of course in contrast with the Man U’s routine which by nature is a classic oriented club and believes in certain principles and values of giving the manager enough time and democracy for fixing long-terms legacies and developing cognitively). In another version; United is strictly an “Evolutionary” club than “Revolutionary”.
+ He is losing touch. (Now since he left Madrid, honestly he hasn’t been that easy to deal with and mostly been wallowing in controversies than getting results. He might well need a few year break to get his senses back) !
+ He has been more protective about “himself” than the “club”; ( since joining Man U, Jose has made some disgraceful and selfish press conferences! He keeps mentioning about United’s lack of achievements in the Champions league and his own successes records as a manager in the past in order to vilify anybody who is criticises him. He has created a concept called “the Heritage” which is what he has been left with in the club! a tool to use it as a protection mechanism every time he needs it).
+ Maintaining substandard relationships with some of the United’s key players. (everybody knows about this ! Mourinho has certain strict mindset that not always works best with his squad. this has led to the possibility of losing some key figures in the club).
+ His bad “transfer targets” ! (The club has been lucky that so far Jose has been quite unlucky with his transfer targets because they have been “raging” from the prospective of someone who understands the nature of the club. So thank God for example the 30 year old Boateng turned him down).
+ Causing an unprecedented fracture in the club’s history. (Never in the history of the club,there has been this much of confusion and ambiguity. Now of course not everything going wrong with United these days is down on him, you could even argue that he is just another post-sir Alex sacrifice, but unwillingly and unintentionally he is igniting the conflicts and this could well lead to a “mayhem” for The club not in a too distant future.
Aidan CE
All the Liverpool and rival fans crawling out of the woodwork, lapping up the situation and media lies, then excreting their bullshit opinions and agendas all over the internet.
The beautiful game can become so toxic, when vile fan-bases get a sniff of recent success and take the opportunity to let their bitterness loose.
neville's good.

but i'm not united, but Jose has to stay. the issue is deepr than him. woodward and the glazers need to go.
Navin Chandiramani
Did Gary Neville say ManU at Arsenal was 5-2 last season? The score was 3-1, what is he on about?
John Richards
As a Manchester United fan I would like see Diego Simeone in and Jose Mourinho out if he doesn't achieve anything before the Christmas period comes.
Trust me, Jamie is secretly enjoying every single minute of this. 😂
Gary Neville is a moron.
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robb drake
I don't care now if united gets battered in the next few games....0 significant transfer in the window is fcukin shambles and don't blame mourinho for that
Mourinho if not the best would atleast get united upto 3rd but with signings like liverpool have done,they'd surely be big favs along with the other 2
Andrew Morris
Utd need a world class out and out goal machine like the days of van nistelrooy.. lukaku is how Andy Cole was for Utd? Needed a fk load of chances before eventually popping one in..not good enough
Riveting punditry, listening to your team is highly entertaining!
Antony Douglas
Mourinho has won 3 premiership titles as a manager, Neville and Cara have won none.
I'm United fan and I think Mourinho should be sacked after making Man United lose
Michael Lartdy
Jamie “I never won the league” carragher
Joel Henry
Man u as a very Good side just need to be manage right no excuse
Jose Froufe
Those of us who pay Sky expensive subscription do not want to suffer the opinion of these people. We want to see the football we paid for. These people are not substitution. We can make our opinion.
Brian shockledge
Enthralled? they were running around like headless chickens constantly giving the ball away. No worries though they`ve beat Burnley and he`s the messiah again.
1. Player development is stunned wherever Mourinho goes as a manager. Remember, these are all young people and even if they are old enough in terms of player age, their player and personal development is an ongoing process. One might argue that player's development is a process that goes on throughout his career and finishes at the last day when player decides to hang the boots. But when Mourinho takes over a team to manage, that development stops and is stunned. He may not be lone stunner, this may be league- wide.
2. Position rotation non- stop through the game is how Croatia got as far as they got. As they progressed through the tournament, their rotation got the head- spinning speed. You saw Modric defending even if he is midfielder and you saw him leading offense. You saw Vrsaljko playing classic defender and 5 minutes later he is at the sharpest edge of their offense. This is the modern football. Neville can rant all he wants about supposed chaos, this is how it's played nowadays. But to benefit from that style/strategy of play, there are prerequisites. Croatia's team, at least its core, played together as a national team for at least a decade. Obviously there has to be some order to the chaos and that order has to be known to the tee, internally among players and manager. Manager's communication with players on the pitch in real time has to be clear, concise and sensical. Mourinho isn't the one that communicates probably on the level that players expect, a lot of it has to do with his fee- fees and the fact that his chair is on fire and he may loose it.
Ferdinand and vidic need to come out of retirement and show these kids how its done
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