It is "suicide" for Gulen to return to Turkey Keynote: "What I would tell 3 months ago   26:05

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When July's military coup failed in Turkey, the country’s president wasted no time in blaming followers of Fethullah Gulen. But to what extent are the group behind it? Ercan Karakoyun, the director of Gulen’s movement in Germany, is Conflict Zone’s guest this week. #dwZone

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Abdulkadir Öztürk
The Gulen movement doesn't believe democracy. They believe autocracy. They accuse the Kemalists with everything that is wrong. They have believes which don't belong to İslam and the other religions. They only believe Gulen as a God. They can lie easily. They are hypocritical and flip-flopping. They are democrat in the democratic atmosphere. They can be Christian in the church. They can be atheist in the atheist group. They can change their colors easily as chameleon. This man is a typical member of Gulenist terrorist group...
Alton Ronnick
The guy is a flat out liar!! Trying pretty hard to defend an indefensible!
kl wies
Gulen movement is dangerous precisely because they promote Democracy and Human rights LOL. Govt don't like and hate powerful groups that promote Democracy and Human Rights. Because they can vote the Tyranical Govt out of office. Jesus was prosecuted because he threaten the Power of the State. Democracy is a threat to the State. So is human rights. Same reason why China represses religious organization. Its especially dangerous to the State when its a powerful movement of tens of millions. If they protest anti War for example and cripple the Govt from selling arms to Saudi Arabia for example. Even the Catholic church is under control of the States and Catholic shurches abhor the teaching of the Gospels that gives preferential treatment for the Poor. Plenty of Latin american priest were considered enemies of the Vatican. Many even murdered and catholic church sees them as danger for prying believers away from them.
Aytek Balci
Thanks Tim Sebastian and DW for this interview. This guy is full of lies and thanks to Mr. Sebastian's researches on this topic he can see through all of it. They are WORSE than Erdogan, they are brainwashing young generations with religion and use for their selfish purposes. Like moving into the veins of the state and grab power. They are a cult.
Bahadir Guler
Ne "investigation"mış. Yatacak yeriniz yok.
I bet that one glass of water didn't suffice that prick! What a brainwashed tool!
Selman Dinç
As an individual living in Turkey, I appreciate Tim Sebastian asking the crucial points about what happened in Turkey.The interviewee can not even answer your questions in an easy way.
Muslim Revert Alhamdulillah
bak ibneye kemalistler guya yapmis..turkiyem birlik olalim birlik bu piclere karsi..
Safiullah Zuri
Also, I should mention that in school, my turkish teachers taught me to seriously avoid any sort of cheat and defraud, not only in exams but in every field of life. I remember very well that in national exam for university entrance in Afghanistan, when cheating was rampant in our times and now considerably reduced, my friends and I listened to advices of our teachers and avoided even to chat one question. The result was spectacular: lots of us got the best results. I ranked 26th in an exam attende by tens of thousands. My friends ranked better.
Safiullah Zuri
Mr. Sebastian, being the sophisticated journalist he is, prefers to take one single decontextualized remark of Mr. Gulen instead of hundreds of pages Gulen has written on the necessity of democracy and human rights. In muslim world, when a scholar defends democracy, there are ignoramous people ready to excommunicate him.Yet, he accepted all the risk in favor of truth, a reality that lots of my westerner fellows would overlook.
Safiullah Zuri
I have been graduated from a hizmet school in Afganistan and I am an Afghan. We had young turkish teachers who constantly inculcated universal values. They also equipped me with skills to become an international citizen. I know three major foreign languages and many of my peers bear the same properties.
Orçun Gümüş
The best interview about Turkish Coup that i see as english
Rief Thea
Dangerous group
The FBI style of interviews.
I just want to point out that the interviewer is very disgusting, he interrupted the person many times. I dont see any experience or feature of an aged journalist. Anyways...
Rakesh Madridsta
Fetullah is the enemy. We dont care about american opinion cus you guys are funding terrorist organisations. The people have chosen and they chose erdogan
Amazing journalist and his awesome interview! Everything he asked and he said is true. Gulen or Hizmet movement whatever, they are more dangerous than were told. Not only Turkey but also where they living is in danger, because they are working for intelligence organizations.
And that is the nice summary: It doesnt make you angels even if Mr. Erdogan has done bad things. 19:19
Panzer P
Its not a level of DW journalism. The moderator acts as an interrogator with loaded questions without even giving a chance to build and present an answer. The prejudice in his questions and assertions is overwhelming. The DW is known for balanced journalism that aims at finding the objective truth, but unfortunately I don't see it in this program. Shame...
that guy is lying. he is lying non stop. and when he cant say anything to defend his cult, he says crime is individual. SHAME ON YOU
Rashid Hasanov
Journalist doesnt let Gulanist to speak and It seems guy would answer something but his english is not sufficent
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Keynote: "What I would tell It is "suicide" for Gulen to return to Turkey 3 months ago   33:28

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