The Roller Coaster - AVM Shorts Episode 8 months ago   05:37

Alan Becker
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reeey reeet
Not that bad because it’s called bad things like this game
Juan Gomez
you're death
бэйблэйд супер дэмп
Agnes Panter
When did you start animating?
Aline Phang
These figures have been on yt since 2007 when yt was 2 years old
Simohamed Derb
1:19: treasure hunt: the final level
Eddy Gwapo
Yeet Kaye Sweet Gaming PH
I didn't think about it.. Y im so stupid

Survival:has infinite items 64

Where did they get it im so jealous
Maybe they had 64 diamonds lol 😑
Reyna Angulo
lol estubo increible....
ydakwah y
Cool roller coaster yellow dude! 😘
damien helm
0:52 he dig straight down
Ariany Ventura
Антон Ерошкин
Да, я русскиииий
he broke the first rule of minecraft
Rendi Atmanegara
Rainier Paul Matubis
5:03 "Reality is often disappointing"
Ritawati Rita
ysydjcush idjskshsbd ijejisjsjsjs axijaidh🥰🧐😚🥰🥰🙃
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The Roller Coaster - AVM Shorts Episode 8 months ago   07:30