2019/2020 MERCEDES AMG C63 S | FULL REVIEW Mercedes AMG - Masina care merge 5 months ago   35:35

Welcome to Alaatin61. Here is the the 2019 NEW Mercedes C63 S AMG. This version has 510 hp.

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Adam Muhammad Nadzir
Long live the W205 Mercedes-AMG C63 S Sedan Facelift!
Very unattractive, not appealing at all. I’m keeping my Lexus RCF
Having this in LA would be so much fun I’ve only seen one in white just like the one I want it must been a sign from God I swear I never seen one ever since it’s been 8 months since that moment this is my dream car and he knows it. I hope I can buy one some day.
Abdoulaye Diallo
Amazing video ! Dream car 🔥
This is car. 4matic?
MilitantDOAR Achilles
you are a strange dude.. good vid, great car.
MilitantDOAR Achilles
Rotterdam.. beautiful place, i was stationed there during my time in the military.
R Singh
Buying one soon. 😊 man I’ve loved the c63 since I heard one roar next to me at a traffic light. Now finally successful enough to buy this demon. Can’t wait
Abdo Haros
اللهم أرزقنا يااااااارب ☝
Super araba)
probably the best spec ever
Can you have black seats on this car cause damn the brown interior looks horrible hate brown interior on any car 🤮🤮 besides the color of the seats car is georgeous will be mine one day
Luxury arranged Lifestyle
Alaa Aljorani
Beautiful car I love it I have the 2010 c63 Amg I love it so much
Taha Öztürk
Amg c43s coupe nin fiyatı ne kadar abi bir bilgin var mı ?
Ochion Aarons
How the hell could you made that mistake did you just say made by bmw... You should be fired for saying that garbage 😠😡
Lam Sad
I like this car
Ararr Abdlwadoua
Vusi Maseko
Has the Mercedes Benz's AMG 4.0L Engine ever won any AWARD,of not,that'll be sad.....As an avid BMW M fan, I believe the guys AFFALTERBACH have outclassed the Munich folks!!!!!!
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Mercedes AMG - Masina care merge 2019/2020 MERCEDES AMG C63 S | FULL REVIEW 5 months ago   35:24

Acesta este un Mercedes S 400 Diesel cu Paket AMG cu 2 turbine.
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