Trying Products That Asked I Ordered The First 5 "Free" Things 4 months ago   24:25

Safiya Nygaard
So basically since we started making YouTube videos, we've gotten a number of *interesting* requests to our business email from companies who want to sponsor us or partner with us. So I decided to find 4 intriguing entries to our business email, NOT sponsored order them, and try them out, to see if I was missing out on anything! We tried a Japanese snack box, a free wifi map app, an ultra-portable seat, and an online psychic app. What do you guys think of my not sponsored haul?

And yes, this video is NOT sponsored!

PS - I know we are missing one blur, I just fixed it on my end in the YouTube edit screen and that is in process! Please don't harass the psychic in question! Thank ye :)

Products Mentioned:
ZenPop Japanese Subscription Box
Free Wifi Map App
Sitpack Portable Seat
Kasamba Psychic App

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Safiya Nygaard
HELLO FRIENDS!! what do you guys think of my not sponsored haul? the tea is mildly warm!! xoxo, saf
All things Darby
I just got an ad for the psychic app before this episode.
Ok but the psychic or what ever said that november/december of 2018 would be good and tyler proposed in december (or at least posted the video). So either tyler went back and watched this video or that psychic was up to something.
Omg the kasamba ad came on before the video 😂
sasa 030603
I actually got a Kasamaba ad before the video...
Lena Pagel
watching this months after it was posted and I got a kasamba pre-roll ad - I’m concerned
I’m the quiet one I have no soul
I have that silicone hair brush
Lejla Cehic
Plot twist: she’s sponsored by all of them at once😂
dainty babydoll
Sis & Sis & sis
Sis & Sis & sis
Ok, first of with the wifi thingy technically the app didnt work at all because Macys is a very BIG store like it is very known sø obviously it will have wifi 😂
Lol a Kasamba ad played before I started this video
m o m
I had a kasamba ad at the begining of this video 🤔🤔
Welcometothe FamilyJewels
Funny, I got a kasamba ad on this vid 🤔
Ms Z
Accidentally closed my YouTube app at the start of the Kasamba review and when I came back to the video a Kasamba ad started 😂
Sieve Randomness
Funny about all kasamba things kinda seem to point to her engagement to Tyler later?!
Sieve Randomness
There was a kasamba add for this video?!
Daily Videos
7 dollars... A MINUTE 😳
Daily Videos
The physic was right about you and Tyler!!
Chelsey Abbott
Macy's wifi is always free and for everyone
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I Ordered The First 5 "Free" Things Trying Products That Asked 4 months ago   14:43

I went back to Wish and ordered the first 5 free things I found on my feed! Wish is a bit of a suspicious website to begin with but last time I ordered stuff from Wish I was surprised by how much I liked it - but when I heard they started offering items for free I wanted to see what they were like.

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This video is NOT sponsored!

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