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These are just so unsettling. Enjoy part 8 of the unsettling series.

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Look Busy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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1:38 It's a hoverboard and the background looks really stretched, indicating she's going really fast. 66 mph isn't fast enough for that to happen. Also, who would let their kid on a hoverboard in the middle of nowhere?
l bolen
is this mildly unsettling or crapy design?
J Dogzz
Hank H
bond... hair bond
Welll Helllooo thereee
The face, the speed, the part of the road, the text, like how is that protection, some stuff I stole from comments: her hair is perfectly fine for going fast, and that she is not 66 pounds... okay thanks for reading
Rainbow Dash
9:10 um yes you can, just use an adapter lol
That Guy Again
No one:

Absolutely nobody:

Not a single soul:

America: Makes metal straws to reduce plastic production but puts it into plastic.

Me calling my buddy in the Navy: *Hey Joey. Yeah, just nuke us.*
Lexi Ducoli
6:46 where is the w?
Reid Jordan
1:38 there’s a strap on her chin but it’s not connected to the helmet
GayDisplay Animations
1:41 her helmet, her hair, the position of her body
Bastion Unit B73
4:37 dude it's soldier from Tf2!
4:24 might not be struggling to spell but rather to type. Im pretty good at spelling but typing is very difficult for me thanks to some minor brain issues.
The first picture is from finland and 9:01adapter picture is from Finland too.
totally original name
What if these people who violate privacy laws are hidden pedophiles?
Nurul Nabila
Recognised 7:20 as ad from train station in my country. They have other crappy photoshop ads too 😂
2:33 i live there
Alexander Van Duijn
2.10 i do not understand this
for real can someone expain?
ula stipinovich
5:02 i want it
Procake Cipher
they only have one job
Lex Leon
(° )( .)
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Mildly Interesting 8 MILDLY UNSETTLING 8 1 day ago   10:58

Enjoy the 8th edition of mildly interesting things. Have a good day!

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Look Busy by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (