Can plastic roads help save Modern Road Construction: Europe 9 months ago   03:49

BBC News
Engineer Toby McCartney explains how his Scottish start-up MacRebur is persuading councils to use local waste plastic to build roads. Two English councils have already started building roads this way. A smartphone film for BBC World Hacks by Dougal Shaw..

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How dare they steal an idea and pretend it's theirs. He didn't get inspiration from Indians burning plastic and putting it in potholes. He literally got the idea from an Indian professor who came up with the original idea and the govt has been extensively using this method to construct whole roads for a long time. Even 70 years later they're still managing to steal from other countries.
This idea come in India already a decade ago 😅😉 and still in used for road making in some parts
Richa Singh
Its Indian idea
Elvira Reis
Amieeset Millaycox
I like the idea,but what if when burning the plastic just lets worse flames into the air.
Anthony 337 chism
My question would be for the professionals, is there a heat signature difference between the recycled plastic road and an asphalt road, as heat, cooling, etc as (temperatures) is there a mid day heat temperature difference?
Inspirational Spirituality
WOW... I think this is a dangerous idea! Add more plastic pollution to our environment why Don't we... Stupidity at It's finest right here. I was open to the idea tell I learned more about it. Why not just ban plastic products??? MINDBLOWING how dangerous this really can be.
what happens to the micro bits that wear off. into the the water ,no good stupid idea
Try it out using the current plastic waste (including the one in the landfill) and implement it around the world. In the meantime stop producing more plastic.
Gangaur Glass
Its very delighting that most of the comments r of Indians which means we provides the most views to such topics....shows our concern about nature....Proud to be One of Those.....proud to be Indian.
Sk Nazim
Its already exist in India. Plastic road.
Siddeeq Khan

This is where it all started 6 years back, he even gave a Ted Talk on it, this guy is here just for the Credit.
Talons X
Los Angeles is getting this in December...they should hire the homeless to pick up plastics everywhere and pay them to put it down.
Farhan Ali
wow....that's really a tremendous and safe idea for protection of our motherland...Earth
ishu jade
It's already developed by a Tamilan, Indian Mr. Rajagopal vasudevan and the idea is given free to Indian government.....stop taking credit....😎
Mila Situ
What a terrible idea. The microplastics caused but the eroded plastic will go into the waterways the sea and
Pinkgie Vic
It ahah a great ideal to save the world but the main problem still remains the same. How to encourage people to bring their own bottle to refill water or., and how to stop them not to buy it. But the other hand would the government and some big companies willingly let the money 💰 fly away?
Kevin Jenner
We cannot afford an already bullied politic ANY sort of trial or experiment-pub our ROADS! Every state which does will fall. Do your political and legal homework and remember the value of road! The kooks and crackpot are surely moving in for a kill, the scientific and academic fraud we face see them posit for the graces.

May Our Lord and His Keep remain United and Forevermore so! Amen.
lis M.S.
Wow man share this with the world. Excellent
Younus Ahmed
I apriciat that .I talked this idea in my school.
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Modern Road Construction: Europe Can plastic roads help save 9 months ago   10:32

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