Marlon Brando Interview with ‘The Godfather’ Reunion Brings 1 day ago   37:31

Don Giller
Connie Chung interviewed Brando in September 1989 and aired it on her show "Saturday Night with Connie Chung" on October 7. Five months later, on March 24, 1990, she presented an expanded version of the interview, shared here in full.

Preceding the interview is a clip from Chris Elliott on "Later with Bob Costas, December 23, 1991.

Dave's reaction to Marlon's impression here:
Full Costas interview here:
Full Chris as Marlon Brando here:

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Pranma Steam
Thank You man
Jonathan Collins
And I thought Maury was the dumb one! LOL
dtz jones
He's a very smart real thought provoking interesting man who doesn't swallow the Hollywood bullshit he's a legend I don't think he would like that comment though but he is and a brilliant actor he just has the natural talent and still a very handsome man with a beautiful smile rip Marlon Brando🙏
Jackie Pyzocha
I like the eye brows, smile!
Jackie Pyzocha
He's hot no matter his size!
Dave Sandison
What cool dude!
Jessie Walker
She wanted basic cookie cutter standard type answers to everything and your not going to get that from Brando, not everything is so cut and dry and simple for some people, life really isn't black and white, it's everything in between
Karon Woods
You decided the movie
Karon Woods
Next to straight streetcar desire The godfather is my number one role I love him if the godfather he made this movie for me I watch it every year with no interruption nobody deserve me nobody bothers me with AMC play it I have the sick and watch Kim he is the actor to watch they will never ever be another him never never never never never never be another him
George Morris
the man was eating tons of cheese burgers everyday he was addicted
nubia roque
What a boring woman, who the heck gave her a job?
Stephen Losch
Connie Chung does not even know what he was talking about!
He really was a philosopher and a comedian.
Jessie Walker
It's funny how people try to exaggerate and overrate Marlon's acting abilities and he always checks them and explains that it is not as complex as it seems, acting is just a extension of our natural behavior, you just focus it and approach it a certain way, and it confuses the hell out of these journalists, they think of acting only as a job and not a natural survival tactic
Maicol X777
Oh, he had two wristwatches, wonder why!?
Jon Minnella
Truly a fascinating man
James Burns
holy shit he aged rapidly, how does ray romano look the same as he did in 2001 when he's 60 just 5 years younger
Christopher Henderson
Marlon would kill it if he was born in my generation.
Kelly Pagano
Connie doing the sleep bit was good. Lol
Kelly Pagano
Yeah... interesting. I remember this. Great actor. What a pain in the ass though. Lol. I really appreciate his genuine take on social issues and his lack of fear of calling her out on her pretentious bullshit. He’s annoying but also compelling.
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‘The Godfather’ Reunion Brings Marlon Brando Interview with 1 day ago   34:05

Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Robert Duvall, James Caan and Talia Shire are reuniting for the 45th anniversary of “The Godfather.” The cast sits down with TODAY’s Matt Lauer and shares behind-the-scenes stories from the Oscar-winning film directed by Francis Coppola.
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‘The Godfather’ Reunion Brings Cast And Director Together For 45th Anniversary (Full) | TODAY