The true story behind the best Rocket League but every time 1 month ago   11:32

This is Rocket League! How the greatest goal in Rocket League history became a legend.


The Cast:
GarrettG, JSTN, Fireburner - NRG
ViolentPanda, Turbopulsa, Kaydop - Team Dignitas

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Unspeakable Catastrophe
ok sherlock
callum hall
I remember when that goal happend (I was at rlcs london) I literally couldn’t have celebrated more
Donavyn Fortin
U did 2. The setup and then 2. The shot
Zack G
Why is the clock at 0 and the game still going? Injury stoppage time?Lol wtf
siege breaker
YouTube really recommending me this man desperate for a 10 minute video F OFF YOUTUBE FIX YOUR RECOMANDATION
Emanuel Santiago
No happy ending
I once drove to the pizza shop, paid for and picked up the pizza, and made it home with the garage door shut in under 5 minutes in time for the season premier of Breaking Bad. This format would make that sound exciting.
Spectacular Video. This was a beautiful moment in RL to be remembered and you just made it a 100x more legendary.
luke sa
so whats the fake story behind it?
Dr Elephant
shadab shaikh
Hey man, this video just kept me on it each and every second. The way you have detailed things with slow-mo, is commendable.! Truely outstanding work done there! A great great video after a long time.

Cheers mate. Keep it up.
I am up at you more videos now. Sub already❤️
Octavian Russu
Tell about Rizzo
Ashton S.
These guys play on controller
Tsunami Hazard horde
How much did Virge assist you in this
Ali Ahmadi
I like real soccer only reason I’m wat he this
Collin Beil
Rocket league is rlly this sweaty lol
Dylan Johnson
You said 2. Twice
Again some youtuber that for some damn reason cannot credit the music hes using.
I made a similar goal but the clock was at 0 for about 3seconds and I flew up to tie the game to send it to OT. Craziest shit I ever done 😎 we lost in ot tho. If u on Xbox look me up @K x n g e v o. I recorded it
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Rocket League but every time The true story behind the best 1 month ago   14:53

ROCKET LEAGUE MEMES! Today I hop back into ROCKET LEAGUE and try to mask my mediocre content with memes. But if you happened to enjoy the video, let me know my smacking that (W)(O)(N)(K)(Y) button!


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