The true story behind the best FUNNIEST RIZZO & SIZZ MOMENTS 7 days ago   11:32

This is Rocket League! How the greatest goal in Rocket League history became a legend.

The Cast:
GarrettG, JSTN, Fireburner - NRG
ViolentPanda, Turbopulsa, Kaydop - Team Dignitas

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Jordan Reguigue
Do the one with overzero in IBP back In time
Baggelis sonic
Why almost all spory stories end up being anti-climatic...
Alhassan Omar
greatest goal? u mean squishy's ceiling shot fake goal?!
do the squishy mid air fake ceiling shot
y u do dis
fuck dignitas :P
Ya Boi Doge
Jacob M
The editing and overall quality of this is amazing
"The crowd could sense it, it was all over..." *ad starts* rip
David Miller
this was really amazing and epic and stunning
GGschoaibGG k
I dont like Dignitas, NRG for life
I don’t even watch or know anything about rocket league but this was amazing
Lord Robin NOR
Best goal in history? Even me as average player have these goals..
Well done, NRG. The true hero doesn’t seek adulation, but fights for right and justice simply because it’s his nature. NRG might not have gotten the win on that night but that goal and that loss was their badge of honour, a warrior’s wound, if you will.
Squishy is the best, sry jstn
You sound like Tina from Bob's burgers....
this would have made the coolest grade 9 math project! xD
Pricefield x
Why doesnt any ever link or credit the songs
Gaby's Daddy
Wow. Amazing video concept
TheYetti YT
4:04 it was 4-1 but it’s no biggy
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FUNNIEST RIZZO & SIZZ MOMENTS The true story behind the best 7 days ago   12:40


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