The true story behind the best FUNNIEST RIZZO & SIZZ MOMENTS 3 months ago   11:32

This is Rocket League! How the greatest goal in Rocket League history became a legend.

The Cast:
GarrettG, JSTN, Fireburner - NRG
ViolentPanda, Turbopulsa, Kaydop - Team Dignitas

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Snis Inth
i did a vlog for the london one, it was so good
Zahoon Yt
No it is not the best goal that’s your opinion buddy.
Not so quality content channel
If rocket league was an anime
Jordan Melendez
Bro this slow motion shit is intense and I LOVE IT
Nishith Barua
So that shot was basically useless
Garren Graves
I’ve got a feeling sunless dropped out of college, because he only cared to write essays about what he wanted.
John Davis
Hey my name is John and I love your vids and I'm a silver 2 and I want to challenge your friends to guess my rank if your up to do it
Garfield's Spaghetti
yeah more like best boy
Alex Chen
Rip Jacob lol
I hated it just because of the ending
The_ Mace
Music 1:47?
david m
U should do more
Mark V
This is like watching the NFL Films version of RLCS xD
Christian Vejdiksen
NRG should have won that shit.... and also i didnt know jstn only was 15 years old.
Fabo Gaming
*Its something like... France vs Cro in 2018 Football World Championship, isnt it?*
3:14 NRG's reaction to last second goal!
THE goal by overzero.. please..
so good at these videos
Brian Conlon
Dude this is top shelf production. You’ve got my sub. Well done!!!
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FUNNIEST RIZZO & SIZZ MOMENTS The true story behind the best 3 months ago   12:40


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