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Motorcycle Riders Training: Fitness | Mx Workout - At Up-Tube.com

Motorcycle Riders Training: Fitness MX workout 1 day ago   05:09

Dalibor Petrinic
You want to be in shape for motorcycle riding? Look no further, this training program for motorcycle riders is all you need, and you can do it at home without going to the gym and spending money or much time.
Check out the complete program explanation here: http://petrinicsystem.com/2013/02/home-training-program-for-motorcycle-riders/

How to get in SHAPE? The right way!
Let me help You get in the best shape of your life!

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Paul N
working out and building strength is always good. but if your getting too sore from riding you need to relax a bit more on the bike. refer to a twist of the wrist. Good video none the less
Doesn't show the single best exercise.
Jack Rohe
So good, much variety, will try em out for sure
This guy is way too big to be a MotoGP rider.
There's not a lot of material out there for rider fitness. This looks solid all-around and requires very minimal space and equipment. Love the compound exercises .. although I'm not looking forward to mountain climbers :) Thanks Dalibore!
thanks im going to implement most of this into my workout.
Awesome video man.
I'm gonna try some of these; I'm older than you so I have to keep it a bit more tame, though.  Looked like they would be excellent core strength training.  You've got a nice pack there, Dalibor!
Congratulations ... single video geared to that category. 
Thanks for the tips
Dalibor Petrinic
Thanks :)
Super workout, ali teretana ti je zaista vrhunska!
Excellent workout no doubt
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MX workout Motorcycle Riders Training: Fitness 1 day ago   05:00

MX Funcional Training Workout