An Interview with PKK Leader Abdullah PKK Returnees: From Kurdistan to Europe 11 months ago   20:18

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The PKK & Their Leader (1998): A report on the PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) and their leader Abdullah Öcalan.

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Synopsis: The Kurdish fight for independence still rages on, with no sign of ending. While the Kurds claim they want a state like all other nations, one that is progressive socially with women playing a key role, they are labelled by the Turkish government as terrorists. In this report ABC Australia speaks to Kurdish fighters on the grounds, as well as their leader, Abdullah Öcalan.

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ABC Australia - Ref. 0297

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Fl Lutzx
The Turks never understand what they grandfathers did to one of the oldest nations! They want to assimilate them and take them everything! Their national identity the Kurdish language and culture. And this is the Main point why the Kurds didn’t have a other choice only to took the arms and to fight for their freedom!
Serdar Akar
Long live the kurdisch leader Abdullah öcalan✌️
turk tiraxtur
pkk ve ocalan annein sikim ben turkum .کیرم تو دهن اوجالان
אפי בבילה
Love kurdistan
Serkan Safak
İnsan öldürmeye ancak hayvanlar mecbur bırakılır.. Çoluk çocuğu mecbur öldürüyoruz diyor cani kadın..
Nuray Kanberoglu
Please report this videolar because they support terrorism
Nuray Kanberoglu
Is not a country could kirdistan and you are terrorist
34 34
Oruspu cocugu kelimesi insanı bukadarmı anlatır...
34 34
Kuş bile kaciyor ondan
m m
you and your govrnment are terrorist.
Morad Kurdiş
Kurdistan Kurdistan
Biji Kurdistan✌️
fuck turkey fashist terrorist
Nnn Cc
Odam gelsin scheize pkk Alban marsadonya fick
chia kurd
love Öcalan
ALy Atansoy
OROSPU ÇOCUĞU gördüm sanki
ĶŴŘĎŜŢÂN my.heart
battl pkk
Engin Akyildiz
O kürt ce konuşan kadınları gördünüz mü, mit jitem öldürüp pkk yaptı diyorlar .
Loco Tuni
Bunlar hepsi les oldu sadece apo kaldi
Sypnyxbbxb Fkyrzxbbxb
Long live PKK
wishing stone
some lad
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PKK Returnees: From Kurdistan to Europe An Interview with PKK Leader Abdullah 11 months ago   07:39

The PKK in Iraq (2006): We offer you an exclusive report filmed inside an Iraqi-based PKK base. Includes footage of PKK fighters training.

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There are believed to be thousands of PKK fighters living in these remote mountains on the Iraqi side of the Turkish border. "I left my gun and went to Europe, to lobby for a peaceful solution. But our voices are ignored", complains one member. Many of the fighters here lived in Europe as refugees, before returning to join the PKK.

Karzan Sherabayani - Ref. 3236

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