China warns US against selling US China Trade War Explained -Who 4 months ago   03:40

China said it is firmly opposed to US plans to sell weapons to Taiwan. The potential sale will include M1A2 Abrams tanks worth about US$2 billion, as well as anti-tank and anti-aircraft munitions.
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has not commented directly on the sale, but said it will continue to enhance its defence capabilities.

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China is warning since year 2000...Today we are in 2019...They are still warning....
Kevin Sanshiro
US and allies must invade and divide China into pieces so that the red dragon will no longer exist.
CPC clearly doesn't understand what freedom means
Grimm Viper
Taiwan should allow the United States to build basses in their territory just like South Korea, that would really piss the PRC Commie dogs off 😁😁😁
Cynthia Reyes
Sorry chicatong Taiwan has the right to depend there country against Bad country life China,,,
The USA does not even give a shit of their American people, do you think they really care about the interest of Taiwanese. If Taiwan continue this route, you will end up with nothing. Protect your one country two system, or you will end up only one country one system.. Look what USA did to Soviet Union, there is not Soviet Union on the world map now... Look at Iraq ,look at Syria , look at South America , look at Libya , look at Vietnam gulf of Tonkin where they fabricate lie that Vietnam. Attack their ship to get congress approval to go into war in Vietnam, look at Tiananmen Square in China, the first American report who reported the massacre now admit that he did not see the massacre , the information was given to him by the CIA. Look at Hong Kong today, the protester again supported by the CIA . Look at the Dalai Lama , continuously sponsor by the CIA to destabilise China. Can the Taiwanese please open your eyes. How can you allow USA ship to enter your water, only spineless Taiwanese will do that. The people of Taiwan should stand up and protest on the USA ship going to Taiwan water before thing get out of hand. Any war will be fall on Taiwan soil, not on American soil. look at Iraq , their country is in such a bad stage of destruction after US left Iraq , before USA go into the war, they claim to bring democracy to Iraq , now Iraq in just a hill of rubble and the people there are suffering . And USA just forget about Iraq . in fact, the Isis was created after the Iraq war, majority of the Isis army are Iraq former army. And USA sponsor the Isis in the Syria war in case you are not aware, now Syria is also severely damaged as a result of the wars. The bottom line is, everyone is buying weapon from the USA ..
China jealous of us Americans cause are dicks are bigger than yours real talk
Blue Sky
There is Nothing China can do about that, Not unless China attacks the American delivery ships which means War with America.
cortez foard
Hmm I thought taiwan have they own tanks ? Why do they need those weapons from the USA hmmm idk but China is mad we need to stop before it starts a war 😑
Yujuan He
I fell in love with her voice, 😘😘😘😘😘omg who is she talked about tanks?
And America tells China to "Go Pound Sand".
Irinna An
Who care sorry China’s u better to shots u mouths I want to selleverythings
James Snider
We (USA) should assist Japan , South Korea, & Taiwan to have additional missile defense systems and to become nuclear defensive... interesting future.
Jim Coulter
How about America Demands China to stop selling weapons to North Korea!
Kelvin Zhu
War mongers in action.
Tague Relyea
China needs to go period
Kuki Jk
Taiwan is not China
Maybe china should sell weapons to Native Americans. How would washigton feel about that? Or china sold weapons to Puerto Ricans or Hawaiians?.
Taiwan president is so stupid. These are 40 years old junks. The expert said the value is $100M worth only total. She is paying $2.2B ? Trump must be very happy. These weapon are left over weapon in Pentagon storage, 40 years old. No defense capability at all against Chinese modern weapon. Idiot.Garage sales.
Jaws Weisz
USA is broke. They need it.
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US China Trade War Explained -Who China warns US against selling 4 months ago   17:50

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