I Should Have Done This IFS vs LIVE AXLE, Off-road 1 month ago   16:09

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Quinlan Swanson
I'm a little disappointed in your welds Matt. Shame.
David Johnson
Hey Matt get a tow truck bridle for the winch with "J-hooks". It'll make the vehicles roll up straight and easier for those that don't have hooks in the front
Kevin Patton
It is a python
Wyatt Thompson
We need a bronco update Matt!
Dustin Herrington
Bull snake
Done what sell your Ford and get a Chevy? Good move.
Do u still have the buggy
jasper skinner
Matt’s the kind of guy to wear ear protection when drilling metal
Josiah James
Texas ratsnake
Mike Adkins
Always love you videos. Each ch is great. Been a fan from day one. You Matt, can use some welding lessons. I would be more than happy to come show you and give you lessons. Been doing it for decades. Mostly robotic welding for the past 25 years. Again. love your work. You guys do look awesome. God bless America and all who understand that
Harland Vaught
I need a winch so bad I takes my car trailer put it to a tree tie rope upon of the a arm of a car and pull it on top of the trailer I need truck winch so bad I understand how you feel thanks for sharing the video
Riley Robertson
I think that’s a ball python if it is you have nothing to worry about
My daddy always said "If you can't weld good, weld alot."
David Thomas
Are you dating your wife?
Evan Pugh
The carriker family is the perfect American family!
Melvin MLG
yo u must get the winch recovery damper.
Zachary Altman
an 8000 ib winch is pathetic
Jakedasnake 2202
May your gonna kill your back lifting deadlifts like that drop your butt more and point chin at ceiling
Kostashihi Kostashihi
That snake was the biggest python I have ever seen
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IFS vs LIVE AXLE, Off-road I Should Have Done This 1 month ago   14:21

IFS vs LIVE AXLE, Off-road

0:00 intro
0:20 the difference
2:37 Handling
2:58 Comfort
4:00 Underbody clearance
4:45 Wheel alignment
5:09 Strength
7:06 Heavy Loads
7:35 Diff Centres
8:00 CV's IFS vs LIVE
10:23 Sand dunes at speed
11:30 Modify

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