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I Should Have Done This | Ifs Vs Live Axle, Off-Road - At Up-Tube.com

I Should Have Done This IFS vs LIVE AXLE, Off-road 4 months ago   16:09

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Comments 1553 Comments

Gabriel Guevara
What !!! Demolition GYM !!!!
but it took 2 days to make....
Chloe Hennessey
Your welds looked bad only because you didn’t clean up the metal before welding. Take a flap disc to the surfaces first next time, Matt. 👋💕
patriot 75
For the type of stuff you do, you should have got the 12,000 lb winch
butterfliesluvme wetzel
please dont be an ass to your wife!
butterfliesluvme wetzel
a Big one!
Jonathon Powers
It’s a corn snake. They are pretty nice most of the time
Holy shitty weld....... not enough paint to save that weld
Hurairah Mehdi
I always knew you ever since Roman Atwood but I have been binge watching ever since the mansion
A chain between the front tow hooks to hook to could have have a load equalizer and cut out most of the steering required with pulling the truck up
Glenn Van Bergen
Hey Matt, not to be anoying, but i think you should have set the winch on the frame itself.
this makes that it has stonger connection points and you have more space for pulling stuff onto your trailer.

Because with it sitting on the bed, you'll loose a couple of feet of pulling space.
If it is on the frame a bit further, you'll be able to pull completely until the edge of the bed.
PJ Karsnia
You should get a wireless controller so you can winch and steer at the same time.
Brian Kennard
Raptor..duh...the snake...
Klaus Holoper
what exactly is memorial day? what are you guys remembering?
Bolts should go down not up, if the nut comes off the bolt falls off if you go from under up
Hoosier Patriot
Wth are you doing in the intro, walking with your fist up in the air?
Mike L
So kinda unrelated but Mere's hair looked awesome lol.
Travis Sienknecht
What model sunglasses is Matt wearing?
Greg Smith
You can still tell your welds are crappy sorry matt
Matt. Please don't ever weld again.
Plus... That's supposed to mount to the tongue.
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IFS vs LIVE AXLE, Off-road I Should Have Done This 4 months ago   14:21

IFS vs LIVE AXLE, Off-road

0:00 intro
0:20 the difference
2:37 Handling
2:58 Comfort
4:00 Underbody clearance
4:45 Wheel alignment
5:09 Strength
7:06 Heavy Loads
7:35 Diff Centres
8:00 CV's IFS vs LIVE
10:23 Sand dunes at speed
11:30 Modify

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