The SECRET SUPERCARS For Sale in Dubai!! Two Bugatti Chirons & Private Jet!! 2 days ago   16:34

SOL - Supercars of London
The most ridiculous selection of supercars for sale in dubai!! Secret, undeground and exotic! Deals on Wheels hosts the most stunning supercars for sale!
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marcus l
cars great - camerawork crap!
Brynley Talbot
So bored of Smug Overbearing Lifestyle but thought I'd give it another go. If you love lifestyle try Producer Michael who actually buys supercars as he's got the money and shows the true humility and humanity of the super successful entrepreneur.

I've just noticed 231 comments and 220k views which is abysmal for YouTube.

One nervous salesman who knows the writing is on the wall and one desperate YouTuber aware that Super Cars of London has lost its direction, along with the plethora of identikit supercar ego driven channels that are simply not entertaining. Dubai is collapsing.

These guys are going to have to get jobs soon as I doubt the viewing figures generate that much income. A great swindle while it lasted but these guys always leap at the easy money. Nothing lasts forever. Let's face it guys, it's depressing to look at the dream you'll never attain. The delusion you're being spun is that you too will be like him. He was always going to make it. Most of you never will. Dream on, the race is fixed!
David Ian Lightbody
The color is French Blue, close to the blue Bugatti have used on the Veron.
Mickey Gelerstein
What a freaking place.. literally a museum of desire for anyone who loves to see (and own!!) high end cars... a dream place for sure to visit!!! Cheers!!!
Robert Broyles
I used to be sub'd to this channel. But got really tired of watching him have someone else tune his merc. If he go back to nothing but supercars then I think he'd have more subs
john kidd
Enjoy Dubai, its on its way down. cars and retail housing on their way to another rescission again. You have no idea what is happening there. Gorgeous car, but their prices will be going down like everything else. Expats are leaving by the droves.
Derek Inniss
That was EPIC
neil carolan
secret, my arse!!!! it's somewhat sickening seeing the enormous inequality in our world? my god aren't they feckin' gorgeous, I wish there was a little engine noise. loved the rusty looking gtr at the beginning ;)
Martin Joo
This place is missing PAGANI!!!!!
I wouldn't go to Dubai if you paid me
Robert Jurković
Such a amazing video of dream's like a Disneyland for kids. So nice, but when you watching something like this and you know it's just impossible to buy something like that for yourselfe....isn't that sad...
Flok One
Manual diablo eh ??? 0.o i mean i understand excitement makes us fumble words and mix them up. But dude. Its not a gallardo..
Billy Golding
Mo vlogs is who brought all this attention to this showroom . I remember when paul and his mate didn’t want to meet mo vlogs in dubai because at that time he didn’t have many followers but now mo vlogs has got more famous with over 5 million subscribers and paul is still scratching the barrel for a million subscribers.How tables turn.
Dave Feng
Paul tried to shake his hand but the guy didn’t shake his hand back🤣
What camera do you use
The Psychic Project
jay fox
A brunch of car nobody wants to buy because they will be devalue within a year.
Camie 161204
David Allen
Love the wide body rolls. Not in Gray though.
Ather Radwi
Strangely enough, we in this part of the world, roadsters are better suited in Europe!
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Two Bugatti Chirons & Private Jet!! The SECRET SUPERCARS For Sale in Dubai!! 2 days ago   17:11

This is probably the craziest weekend ever! I'm staying in one of the world's largest hotel rooms in Las Vegas, before taking a Private Jet back to LA where I get to drive with two Bugatti Chirons.

Thank you @cococulture_

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