The SECRET SUPERCARS For Sale in Dubai!! Two Bugatti Chirons & Private Jet!! 2 months ago   16:34

SOL - Supercars of London
The most ridiculous selection of supercars for sale in dubai!! Secret, undeground and exotic! Deals on Wheels hosts the most stunning supercars for sale!
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Jesus M.U.
Thanks for breaking the secret
Kyei Justice
Your microphone is terrible
Nikki Burris
🏁Fans Investigate the rare Car collection in Cleveland County NC owned by the Greatgrandson Heir of Billionaire Johnny Bryan Hunt founder of J.B Hunt transportation.
Also a beneficiary of the Ford family.
Rare Car Collection including Vintage & Classic Muscle cars Lamborghinis Hyper Lykin Ferrari s etc.
Linked to 2014 Mega Trustfund Inheritance Living Trust granted by Executrix Annie Ruth HUNT in Shelby NC.
NASCAR Hall fame?
Awesome video
parthiv s l
Second home of Mo Vlogs..
Joshua Jackson
Im sure that dealership manager is rich. I dont understand rich people. They will spend hundreds of thousands or millions on cars and won't get their teeth fix for $30K.
london man
it is good you dressed for the occasion
Who owns the showroom
Thinktanktwo Passive
I spy about $41,000,000 worth of clutch wear to get that tight spacing
Dave Hoy
Get ya teeth whitened.. they look like the yellow brick rd
Damon Brown
Please quit calling paint a wrap. I don't think any of those cars at covered in some crappy wrapper.
Mohammad Ullah Khan
Fantastic video . But voice a bit problem
all my NFS cars are there
john kidd
Keep looking at these cars, they wont be moving soon as Dubai is on its way down
Dale Campbell
the biggest secret to owning one is learning #forexlifestyle + #LLCsecrets = unlimited money start learning change your mindset@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
Alexandru Gabriel Vlasceanu
Man, if you buy a brand new car for yourself, at least buy this for the car =]
Asian Monkey
Gold Lamborghini at 6:58 was MO VLOGS Car unless it was sold
But the car is exactly the same interior same rims(of course he changed the color no one would buy a all pink Lamborghini at least not a Man)
gary h
If nothing, you are a spin doctor. The underground storage facility for the second rate cars becomes a secret lair! A 20 year old Hummer, a 20 year old Magnum PI Testarossa and other older semi-exotics. You must have sold refrigerators to Eskimos at a prior point in your life. BTW, I got to your channel from Supercar Blondie's channel. 'Nuff said.
In Korea
The guy working there seems like he didn't know shyt about the cars.
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Two Bugatti Chirons & Private Jet!! The SECRET SUPERCARS For Sale in Dubai!! 2 months ago   17:11

This is probably the craziest weekend ever! I'm staying in one of the world's largest hotel rooms in Las Vegas, before taking a Private Jet back to LA where I get to drive with two Bugatti Chirons.

Thank you @cococulture_

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