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Donkey - Tribeca Film Festival | Post-It® (Short Film) - At Up-Tube.com

Donkey - Tribeca Film Festival Post-It® (short film) 2 days ago   06:45

Keir Burrows
If you enjoyed Donkey (and I hope you did!), do watch our latest short, you'll love it - https://up-tube.com/upvideo/GZ_X2TX6wjb

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katya matel
an incredibly rewarding experience
Scott Pitts
Masterpiece. Looks like Stanley had the last laugh -- though he meant no harm. Ironically, Stanley remembered the other man as a childhood best friend. When he saw him, I suppose he recalled a wonderful childhood together. He invited him into his home to meet his wife, catch up, and share the evening together. He was intelligent, kind, and treated him like a true friend. We don't know if he was aware of the other's high school cruelty, but apparently, he harbored no ill feelings. In the end, his friendly "ee-or" was a term of endearment and unintentionally crushed the soul of the other, for obvious reasons.

It’s also clear that he wanted to teach his old friend — that all his worldly success couldn’t bring him happiness.

This is one of the best shorts I've ever seen.

*Speaking mostly from Stanley's point of view.
Kalidad Content
I would be so scared to make an entire film black and white, takes guts, but u pulled it off perfectly!
Weird Pot
He's gay?
Michael Moutsatsos
Diana Vucane
This is wonderful.
Gilles 82
Does this guy ever fucking stop talking?
👌👌👌🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍Kudos to EVERYONE involved 👋🌟👍
brian smith
can anyone pls share film techniques that can be used in an essay!
Rodrick Marsh
Beautiful peace what camera did they use to shoot this
yup, narrator. you're an ass. this makes me wanna invite my elementary classmates over for dinner...
Rebecca Mason
Such a brilliant film, I shed a tear on my morning commute.
Sanjaybhai Patel
based on indian farmers
Sanjaybhai Patel
It is an indian short film
Sanjaybhai Patel
sir can you produce my short film
Great story. I also liked the narrator, I don't often feel positive about narrator voices, but here, in this movie, it was awesome.
Sunil Pawar
amazing short film.... keep up the good work!
Sameer Tembe
great work
Thomas Johnson
Donkey is super tired no real plot nothing of interest
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Post-It® (short film) Donkey - Tribeca Film Festival 2 days ago   07:32

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