Living on-campus at Southeast Missouri Tin tức việt nam mới nhất/VOA 2 months ago   03:08

SEMO ResidenceLife

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Ryan Ball
hey. my cousin fucked ya. lol
Scott Dinh
American Uni is fun .. best time of my life
Wow American uni's seem soo much better then over here! Cool video by the way (: thumbs up!
That's an extra 12-16 grand you'll have to repay once the grace period is up. hopefully you'll have a "good" job by then...
Yeah... but room and board costs OUT THE ASS and only makes your costs so much more expensive in the long run.

Admittedly, I lived on campus since I didn't have a job that made ENOUGH (nor wanted to work 30-40 hours a week IN ADDITION TO classes and after-class clubs) to afford an apartment, but if I DID have a job that paid well enough w/ maybe 20-25 hours, I'd probably have opted for a nearby apartment. I imagine that, at a place like SEMO, room n board adds 3-4 grand per year, right?
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Tin tức việt nam mới nhất/VOA Living on-campus at Southeast Missouri 2 months ago   18:04

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