How to draw and paint Maserati car Trick Easy Trick Art with Toy Car and 3D Tunnel 4 months ago   03:52

Razai Art
Tutorial on how to make 3D illusion a Maserati Gran Cabrio car on paper, with acrylic and pencils, about shadow, I use a black toner,

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Music : Without A Sound - Letter Box, on Youtube gallery

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ur good at drawing but u need a sweatshirt or something on bc ur hairy ass arms are hard to look at
Mina Mina
Rong-Bahar Art
you are great artist
like 143
Ur so good at making optical illusions
Awesome drawing! How long did it take to draw?
Dodoyes3 DamDanny
That's so cool!!!
You are very good at art!
Drawing Way
Nice drawing💙💚💛
Guilherme_ 17
bip bip
Dibu's Art
Wow! That is awesome!
MLG Momo
This is soooooo nice
Briannah Andrews
Briannah Andrews
Ashez Awada
nice draw . can u tell me what the music name
Mohammed Yaqoob
Very talented I can draw but not as brilliant as this well done.
Arava Glam
I think that was awesome! Wish you would teach that at koocam. I would definitely pay to learn that.
zahra barhoul
رائع ابداع
believe it one day you will achieve it
niceee drawinng👏👏👏
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Easy Trick Art with Toy Car and 3D Tunnel How to draw and paint Maserati car Trick 4 months ago   04:31

How to draw a 3d tunnel optical illusion with toy car.
Funny and easy drawing videos for kids learn to draw.
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thanks for watching!

It took me:
1 hour

Graphite pencil 2b
Black pen
Pirsmacolor Ebony


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