Disney songs in their native Top 10 Best Non-Disney Songs {of all time} 7 months ago   06:36

Satu Westerholm
I don't own the animations or the songs. They belong to Walt Disney. I have only edited.

Pocahontas is in English because John Smith was from England and the film is not translated into the Native Americans' languages. The half of the movie is about John Smith's crew and how they got from England to America.

Frozen is in Norwegian because the studio team went to Norway and they wanted the movie to take place somewhere like it. Arendelle is inspired by Norwegian town Arendal.

Part 2:

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Satu Westerholm
The number of views is now higher than the population of my home country Finland(5.5 million). Thanks a million!

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star struck
these versions just sound more right to me... idk. anyone else??
german is such a harsh sounding language to me and snow white makes it sound dope WHAT
juliet gray
gotta appreciate french
IncogNito NitoIncog
1:16 When she doing bomb expert 😂😂
jamie wynn
Pocahontas is Native American ... dummy 😯😪😫😮
Lea Cree
Pocahontas isn't singing in her native language. And princess and the frog should have been creole.
Anxiety Potato
These sound better in there language
Katherine Hearnet
They are all so much better in their native language omg!
Marcin N
Why is tangled German?
Hanzie Games
Well Pocahontases native language isn’t English though...
Hanzie Games
If anything its better
nariel canton
Pocahontas: English
samy zabibo
Chinese, german and greek
Нурсултан Малик
0:43 Just colored photo from Second World War. Nazi Captures are working for communists.
Garrett 77
I especially loved the Chinese one.
German 1937 *WAIT A MINUTE*
_ - .- .
ayyy chinese squad where u at
Lucas _YT
Tangled is like from 2016 or something .-.
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Top 10 Best Non-Disney Songs {of all time} Disney songs in their native 7 months ago   05:11

This is my top 10 non-disney songs of all time!