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David Y
www.immigrationbureau.com 212 580 7473 Detailed Summary about F-1 Visa requirements, full time course of study requirements, what to do upon graduation, filing for OPT or B-1 or B-2 if no job available for those wishing to spend more time in USA and possibly find a job and H1-b sponsor, among other options

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redman man
Hello, Sir I have a friend he's in the US as visitor n he wants to change his visa to F1 but the problem is he already got f1 visa refused before. does he has chance to apply for it again?? he may contact u if there's is chance . I hope to get answer sir thx
Joe Oel
Assuming one just started their OPT with an employer. How soon can that employer apply for H1B for that newly hired worker?
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This video reviews my process for applying for a US immigrant visa for my husband. For more detailed information, visit my WordPress blog (link above). To see the my visa timeline, which I reference in the video, visit: https://spousevisausa.wordpress.com/category/reality-vs-best-case-scenario/

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