Hong Kong protests against If bill allowing extradition to China 1 day ago   03:13

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Many businesses in Hong Kong have vowed to shut down on Wednesday in a show of solidarity with those protesting against a controversial bill seeking to allow extraditions to China.
Hong Kong was rocked by a huge rally on Sunday, with vast crowds calling on the city leadership to scrap the legislation. Opponents fear the proposed law could undermine Hong Kong's autonomy from mainland China. Activism groups have called for more protests and strikes tomorrow, when the bill is expected to be approved by the city's legislative council.

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If bill allowing extradition to China Hong Kong protests against 1 day ago   08:18

In Hong Kong, crowds are taking to the streets to protest a new law that allows extradition of suspected criminals to China. The city has long valued its independence, and opponents of the policy fear it will enable China to target critics and create a chilling effect on speech. Nick Schifrin talks to Martin Lee, an attorney and the founding chairman of the first pro-democracy party in Hong Kong.

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