HOW MUCH A DAY OF LIFE IN SAN FRANCISCO COSTS We Tried An Overnight Bus Hotel From 2 months ago   13:39

Silicon Valley Girl
I moved to San Francisco in 2016 and have been living here for two years. I decided to calculate how much money I spend daily on rent, food, transportation, health insurance.

We will also test security in Amazon Go store in San Francisco!

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Silicon Valley Girl
Life here is expensive but this is also a place where people make fortunes by creating and growing their companies. How much does it cost to live a month/day in your city?
Jena Felix
I once made 1200 dollars on two days working downtown. And still lost money that month. It's a bubble, and when it pops I'll come back.
Nicholas Clifford
Cute but clueless
McDonald's for than $10 bucks? You can save by getting 2 for $5 and ask for free water which is less than $6 you can have a big Mac and chicken nuggets or filet ofish etc
Ken Kitano
Average San Franciscan here. Been living here for 4 years and I rarely spend over $20 a day here.
Just another cheap russian escort girl. Nothing to see here. Ll be in Fake Taxi anyways.
Great video!

Find why is San Francisco @#%&! Expensive?
Michael Costigan
Go back to where you came from... We don’t want you in San Francisco.
Maciej Skrzetuski
Why not show all the homeless people in the streets. I hate that city.
E. Davis
Just watch out for the feces on the sidewalks.
Vinson Huynh
I live in a 784 rent control apartment and make about 90k a year. So I am EXTREMELY lucky.
Esteban M.
honey, I live in NYC, and my monthly expenses are $1.200 - Rent Included - I don't eat out, I cook and I take the train, I live 5 minutes from the 3 train.. the things you do in SF are outrageously expensive, you should do a realistic video, for a person who lives in the real word, not a Russian rich girl
Jose Bonilla
I feel like this whole video is just a low key flex on us hoes
liked cuz of the new car smell fact
Yeah this is the sugar coated version of sf come on down to the tenderloin and see how people are really living out here.
Aban Abdulsattar
You became like the others. Now you make a video just to get more money. Honestly all you vlogs are fake !
Piyush Agarwal
It's so true, great job #siliconvalleygirl. You should have asked If you think San Francisco is not overrated comment below instead 😂. You don't need to die to see heaven, come to San Francisco. I just love it.
Javol Willoughby
Walker Prescott
I went to culinary school in SF. If I never see that shit hole again, I'll be ok with that! Drugs, crime, poor sanitation, liberal nut jobs adovocating for communism.....I'm good
keith J
Fooken Liberal Trash mate
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We Tried An Overnight Bus Hotel From HOW MUCH A DAY OF LIFE IN SAN FRANCISCO COSTS 2 months ago   05:13

Cabin is a bus with sleeping pods that goes from LA to SF in one night


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