HOW MUCH A DAY OF LIFE IN SAN FRANCISCO COSTS We Tried An Overnight Bus Hotel From 7 months ago   13:39

Silicon Valley Girl
I moved to San Francisco in 2016 and have been living here for two years. I decided to calculate how much money I spend daily on rent, food, transportation, health insurance.

We will also test security in Amazon Go store in San Francisco!

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Silicon Valley Girl
Life here is expensive but this is also a place where people make fortunes by creating and growing their companies. How much does it cost to live a month/day in your city?
Andrej Lorenci
So much money I need for a month time to live.
what apartment is this?
novem el
Сначала такой удивился, думаю нифига я английский стал понимать, не зря типа учил его, а потом "my name is Marina"...сразу стало все на свои места)) не но пронунсиейшен у нее вполне не плохое. я думал еще может полячка она)
My salary is 300$ per month and I can say only пиздец нахуй блять
Kishore Kholan
Awesome New Subscriber Here
Boston isn't much cheaper
Kenneth M. Price Jr.
What a beautiful and handsome couple!
Scott Schnell
IAmNotANugget BlackHart
So you are part of the problem. You and you out of towners come and ruin it for the natives.
Ari Entyse
I'm glad people aren't buying the things she's saying in this video. She's literally a startup owner, she's part of the reason why things are expensive. All of her videos are like this.
John Batchler
U don't see it coming the Fed &state &local gov is sheep hearding middle class &poor people it's not just happening in San Francisco but in other major cities around the globe
James Bond
buy 20kg 5dollar flour make naans with it whole month
buy tea 1kg make tea whole month
buy dozens of eggs instead of coffe for cheap like 20dolls for whole month
buy rice n meat and cook it yourself and eat it about 100dolls per m9nth
rent n power costs depends on you
Learn to live a simple life also give charity you fools
yaiquab yisrael
Also make sure you hire me someone who be knowing how to cook fried chicken real good and cut watermelon okay?
yaiquab yisrael
I thought it was interesting the way I saw no real Jews meaning Negroes in this video. It is further proof that the Negro are the real Jews currently under captivity to Esau meaning the white man. But when we are restored San Francisco will be filled with Negroes and there will not be a Caucasian and site except to clean the restrooms and bring us our food. So make sure you keep your house clean so it will be ready for me to move into when me and my people are restored. Probably within the next couple of months
Ken Pippan
San Francisco has been my home since the city BUT now has taken a turn for the worst !
uzair uzair
But i think you can save a lot if you dont spend money on costly tea and mc donalds which is also not healthy.Instead i would prefer to eat healthy food which is homemade and also cheap.
Gabriel Cali
San Francisco is the best! And you’re right about the energy! I’m 47 and I go there a lot and it still has that energy! ❤️
Great! ✨😻💨🐥💨🌹🍀🍓🍓🍇💖
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We Tried An Overnight Bus Hotel From HOW MUCH A DAY OF LIFE IN SAN FRANCISCO COSTS 7 months ago   05:13

Cabin is a bus with sleeping pods that goes from LA to SF in one night


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