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In Hong Kong hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets for a huge rally against a proposed extradition law. The law would allow suspects to be sent to mainland China to face trial. Critics of the bill fear this could lead to arbitrary detention and unfair trials. Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997, but has kept its own system of justice since then. Today's march is the largest in the city in more than a decade.
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Do Hong Kong people need to be responsible for killing people abroad?
Donita Mangune
Freedom from philippines vs. China china plz. STOP claim to islands in panatag soal in zambales ph.
Andrew Nguyen
I support Hong Kong from 🇺🇸 god blessings for all people in Hong Kong
shiva jee
China is ruling like a dictator on hong kong
shiva jee
Hong kong independent country
Lulu Berry
HK is currently free for foreigners even if they are there to do harm. So rule needs to be put in place to protect the good people in HK and China. Freedom belongs to law abiding citizens not criminals.
Hung Vu
Stand up, Hongkonger!!!!
Faye C
so what happens to the murderer? let him run free?
Shawn.M Gómez
Hong Kong welcomes murderers from all over the world. You can have a good time here.
angka mas
Wilson Yuen
Please Mr. trump help hong kong become independent. Help hong kong free.
Wenqin C.
It's pretty similar to thw Yellow Vest in France. Why the channel didn't show the violent "protestors" with hand-made weapons and bombs?
Poppy Og
What’s the extradition bill someone explain???
Maverick- Zhang
Watch the video and listen to the presentation of this gentlemen as a "reporter", with a lot of biased and specious argument, saying that the "Extradition Law" of Hong Kong is not trustable but hurts human rights, it is using a Pseudo-proposition to deny the social justice of human being over the rule of law and ignored the basic facts of social justice in order to make the groundless accusation, aiming to set Hong Kong Government against Hong Kong citizens and accusing it to infringe on the freedom of speech and human rights. In fact, the jurisdiction of the Hong Kong Government over the Hong Kong Basic Law - Extradition Case depends on legal evidence. The proposed revised Extradition Law has indisputable reason over the situation of a killer case happened in Taiwan, backed by upholding the rule of law not to harbor criminals, in the traditional sense which applied to the context of justice.
In the press presentation, the "reporter" dressed in the garb of the reporter to take obfuscation for a reason and made a false statement to undermine and smear the Hong Kong Government. He is not only beneath the principle of media standpoint, even more so beneath the sensible level to discuss the situation of Hong Kong. It is a factual reality that Hong Kong is an independent special administration region of China. The most important interpretation for the Basic Law of Hong Kong is who defines the independent judiciary system with the utmost concern of Hong Kong people.
When people shift their eyes to the Assange extradition case and the case in Canada relates to Huawei's Ms. Meng, these extraditions are the most disgraceful events in the 21st century.
The Hong Kong Government stressed that the current Fugitive Offenders Ordinance needs to be updated in light of the ongoing case of Chan Tong-kai, a resident of Hong Kong. Due to a loophole in the law, Hong Kong is unable to extradite Chan, who is accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend in Taipei, Taiwan last year and returned to Hong Kong afterward. Taiwan is blatantly against the proposed revision of the Hong Kong Fugitive Offenders Ordinance as the legality of the Ordinance also applies to Taiwan region, which is part of China. The Taiwan Government claimed that the proposed revision would infringe on the so-called "sovereignty" of Taiwan.
It’s a proposal, or a set of proposals, which would not and could not strike a terrible blow against the rule of law, against Hong Kong’s stability and security, against Hong Kong’s position as a great international trading hub. The intention of the proposal is only to plug the existing legal loophole.
While the Hong Kong Government have raised the threshold of the proposed revised Ordinance to serious crime offenders only, who committed a crime anywhere and return to Hong Kong, with a sentence of a minimum of 7 years' imprisonment, under this circumstances the Extradition Law will apply. The proposed revised Ordinance also exclude nine specific economic offenses and there is no issue on suppressing freedom of speech whatsoever. A person who offends the law in Hong Kong would not be extradited to Mainland China. There is no indication that the proposed revision will infringe on human rights and freedom as this is the only cooperation of mutual legal assistance.
We could not help to suspect that most so-called "Western democracies" oppose the revision of the Extradition Law so as to justify the riot in Hong Kong. Did foreign forces orchestrate the peaceful mass protest and the unexpected eruption of violence after the peaceful marching? Did they also instigate the blocking of streets by youngsters around the Legislative Council which began even before the Extradition Law was due to be debated? Obviously, the riot was meticulously planned and staged, as you can see from all the news videos which show the rioters' weapons, helmets, goggles, snacks, drinking water, and prepared bricks. These are the evidence pointing to a conspiracy.
Most Hong Kong people are Chinese who are disinterested in the debate of the proposed revised Extradition Law which would not infringe on human rights and freedom.
When we consider the number of Hong Kong people who are in possession of the "Enter Mainland of China Permit" which exceeds six million, this is a solid fact that Hong Kong people have put their trust and faith in the Chinese Government in terms of its rule of law and the legal system.
Obviously, it is only on a demonized level to say that the Chinese Government will take advantage of the proposed revised "Extradition Law" to damage the human rights and freedom of Hong Kong people. In fact, it is only a Pseudo-proposition and coupled with ignorance among Hong Kong people, especially youngsters who completely ignored the truth and the context of the proposed revision, the riot occurred as planned.
As such, I recommend those so-called freedom fighters who want to undermine and dismantle the rule of law in Hong Kong should know the principle and issues of rule of law.
Lily Zeng
Like seriously??? If a guy from Hong Kong killed someone in mainland China, Macau, Taiwan or other countries, he could easily get away with it by fleeing back to Hong Kong. I wonder if these protesters really understand what does this extradition bill mean. If hongkongers commit crimes in Hong Kong they won't be sent to mainland China or other countries. And only these who are sentenced more than 7 years of imprisonment will send back to the places where they commit crimes. Most importantly, legal cases relate to religions, politics and freedom of speech are not included in the extradition bill.
If you do any kind of business in China, sometime you need/have to gave some "advantage"(or bribe) to the government official. If you don't, you can't do any kind business in China, or worse there are going to have some make up charges against you!!!Or if you are a reporter writing news article for government corruption or speak the truth somethings happen in China. Or a bookseller selling books critiquing the Chinese government. So if the extradition law pass, the HK Police can arrest you make up or alleged crime(s) you allegedly committed and send you back to China for trial(no visitation right, no transparency trial, or cross-examining witnesses,etc ). Even though they don't have any substantial evidence from the Chinese government, they can still issue arrest warrant and take you back to China!!!!
Steve Pelman
Its a Hong Kong Spring. So brave.
All Western country have the same law to detail criminals who is most wanted by other country. USA, Canada and EU . They all do. Don’t get brains wash by a small group. Protesters are hurting your own country. Lately, Chinese citizens who got detained by Canada government just because Americans assume she did something’s wrong. Why Canada exercise this extraditions law....?????
Plz protect British people Hong-Kong
Andy Robinson
The essential problem is the fundamental difference between law in western countries and the PRC. In the west, law was developed to restrict arbitrary actions by those in power; in short, nobody is above the law, even the president or prime minister can be charged with crimes. Whereas in mainland China, law is used as a means to continue the CCP's dominance. Hence, the ridiculously high conviction rates of those charged with crimes in Mainland China (over 99%), the widespread use of torture and forced TV confessions, and the manipulation of charges to pursue political opponents (falsely accusing them of bribery, corruption etc). HK, as defined by the one country/two systems is bound to a different system until 2047. I applaud the people of HK for protesting against this legislation.
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Turmoil in Hong Kong Hong Kong protests against 1 day ago   27:00

Pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have escalated since the government proposed an extradition bill, leading to major clashes with police and fears of Beijing cracking down on the protests. Joining The Agenda to discuss the situation and what its ramifications may be for Hong Kong and the rest of China are Cheuk Kwan, past chair of the Toronto Association for Democracy in China and Andrea Chun, a lawyer and freelance radio host.