SpongeBob Appears in Super Bowl The halftime show but they actually 2 weeks ago   01:39

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One celebrity appearance exploded during the Super Bowl halftime show. More than a million fans signed a petition to include the "SpongeBob SquarePants" rendition of "Sweet Victory" in the show and their wish was granted. It happened after Maroon 5 sang some of its classic songs. The cameo was a tribute to the cartoon's creator, Stephen Hillenberg, who died in November after a battle with ALS. InsideEdition.com's Mara Montalbano (https://twitter.com/MaraMontalbano) has more.

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B series
This is a giant insult to Stephen and the people who wanted sweet victory
unknown ._.
Spongebob was my childhood RIP
Let's make "Baby"- Justin Bieber VEVO the 3rd most hated video on YouTube by making Halftime show the 2nd
Papi The Harpy
"A generous cameo"
You mean a 5 second appearance that was used to stroke travis scotts dicklet?
And the petition was for them to sing the song not just appear :/
Ben Denby123
NFL never showed the slitetest support. They just added siko mode without our consent
i dont care at all
For the first 2 sec I cried tears of joy then that shity rapper came and I cried tears of sorrow.
Grace Avila

Watch the NHL and see what generous REALLY is.
10000 suscribers without a video challenge
Repeat after me. 5 mere seconds of footage is not acceptable.
This is why Hockey is better, they actually care about the fans
Also you left out a very important bit
The people at NFL literally promised the fans they would play it
And let us down
Laura Huynh
Did Inside Edition changed the title?
Kenisha Guy
A Common Soldier
They gave the spot that was reserved to the man who in inside editions own words “changed so many lives” to an idiot rapper who were all gonna look at one day and say... “Oh yeah, Travis Scott was a thing”
A Common Soldier
The 6 second clip isn’t enough NFL. And it isn’t a generous salute to Steve. They made a clip not about sponge bob but instead it’s Squidward introducing Travis Scott who then goes on to sing sicko mode. When you tell your fans that your gonna see sweet victory and you don’t see sweet victory. You anger them. The NFL let us down and Travis Scot should’ve said no play Sweet Victory. Maroon 5 was okay at least.
Viper Strike Studios
If there's ever been a time that every spectator of the superbowl halftime show got done dirty, It would have undoubtedly been that fateful day
Gabe Swann
Wow inside edition you suck at reporting things
Gabe Swann
Wow inside edition you really suck at reporting things You seem to forget the fact that about 90% of fans were absolutely furious with no Sweet victory
ricky spanish
Braden Johnson
Wow, a dumbass rap song instead of a tribute to one of the greatest men on this earth.
This is how low people will go huh?
Disrespectful, little brats.
Yeah it sucked
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The halftime show but they actually SpongeBob Appears in Super Bowl 2 weeks ago   01:23


This is the super bowl halftime show we deserved. Squidward Tentacles introduces Maroon 5 in this rendition of Sweet Victory from the "Band Geeks" episode of Spongebob Squarepants.