Oklahoma City Highway Tour Tulsa, Oklahoma Downtown TOUR 5 months ago   05:51

A highway tour of Oklahoma City with the Broadway Extension Highway (US 77), I-235, the Crosstown Expressway (I-40), I-35 and ending into downtown. Street signs created through Easystreet. Highway markers from various sites.

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Music: NemesisTheory -- Snapdragon

Recorded: March 12, 2014
Vehicle: 2014 Kia Optima (Rental)
Camera: Flip Mino HD
Software: Corel VideoStudio Pro X4

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Carla Dickerson
Loved your video! Just subscribed to your channel.
Shehzada Saab
Beautiful music & Oklahoma
wes cornelius
The vids in slow motion
Nathan Milliron
The bridges you see at 1:25 and 1:26 no longer exist. They were replaced in 2017-18. The new railroad bridge is already an iconic landmark in North Oklahoma City.

The "ghost overpass/ramp" are entrances to Oklahoma City Boulevard from I-235 and I-40 westbound. Both were opened by 2016.
Florida Peeps
Outside downtown there really doesnt seem to be that much architectural development. Kinda barren.
Dan True
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Tulsa, Oklahoma Downtown TOUR Oklahoma City Highway Tour 5 months ago   04:16

Driving Tour through Downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.