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Over 600 Companies Urge Trump | Here's How Americans Feel When - At Up-Tube.com

Over 600 companies urge Trump Here's how Americans feel when 2 days ago   03:48

Fox Business
National Retail Federation SVP David French discusses why President Trump should drop his tariffs on China.

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Comments 1684 Comments

thomas 71
Harbor Freight
thomas 71
What trade war? It’s all been talk!
Denise Hitchens
And those 600 companies got a red envelop from China...
Ivy Istok
They’re not running the country... they’re over charge $$$$$ things for selfish profits makers from Americans....sell and buy their production in America......makes products needed for Americans people and stopping selfishness gain wealthy......
Michael C. Z.
The retailers prefer to import only price-competitive commodities from China, which doesn’t mean China only produces cheap products, it’s simple to understand that, no trolls people, wake up.
Happy Friday
Those Companies will move to Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries with cheaper labours anyway. Is US gov going to increase tarrif for every countries then.
Richard Chua
Trump sucks again do you think you will win lol in your dream donald duck
YH Wei
please Mr. Trump, no deal.
Francis Lim
Tariffs is great for Trump’s coffers,so,it’s great for America,not Americans businesses.Why does it takes so long for Americans to realises that tariffs hurts them more as they are the one paying for it.
600 companies are betraying the US!
Im a chinese guy who used to live in canada and the us.i love yall,yall are good hearted and peaceful folks。now from reading all these comments i get really confused. So american companies coming back to america and creating jobs would not affect prices of goods that people NEED? Greed is a moral porblem but this is simply a question about pricing and jobs.
Dan D
These 600 companies should organise mass protests like in Hong Kong. That is the only way to be heard. When protests takes the front page headlines is when Trump worries about the 2020 election.
Benito Camela
Thank you president Trump, I like to buy made in usa not chinesse junk even if I has to pay a little more ,those retailers are greedy multimillionaires  with no flag or friends but the money.
For all who want the job to move back to US, this isn't the problem. The problem is are you willing to accept $2 per hour salary? Have you ever wonder why you will never buy a made in Japan scissor? It typically sell for 3 to 5 times of the ones found in Walmart.

Second, most of these Chinese factories will still survive serving domestic consumption. Companies like Nike and Walmart simply doesn't own a plant. They contract out the design and specifications.
rayray cheung
You can imagine if all consumer goods are produced in us, like shoes or clothes, the final selling price would be double or more, all these products will completely lose overseas market
diga Melo
Meanwhile Indians are taking real well paid middle class English speaking jobs (IT, accounting etc) from America and nobody says a word because it is not PC to accuse Indians. Tell you what. Those grunt manufacturing jobs are not coming back, they are going to Vietnam since no English is required.
Sam H
Don’t blame the retailer, blame yourself who buy clothes made in China. 😂
the trade war not only hurting U.S. consumers, other countries are imposing tariffs on U.S. goods on their own, U.S. will lose jobs because other countries are not buying products made in America. Trump is on his way has his 7th bankruptcy in his resume.
Teh Chuan
America trade deal are demand for China to change their communist party system it's like asking China to surrender their nation to them like in Venezuela the American are trying to change their elected president Maduro by supporting Guaido who has not even have one vote from the Venezuelan people, what makes the American think they are right while others are wrong especially China policy the Chinese government has lifted more than 90 percent of its citizens out of poverty and any city in China are better and more advance than America alone the people are happy and united everywhere the American go they bring nothing good except their fake chaotic corrupt democracy freedom and human right system destruction follow destroying peace harmony and development by instigating hatred causing people to go against their own government
Bunch of crying bitches . Trumpy made it rain on all thees mother fuckers , and all they do is cry about tariffs and cheep labor .
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Here's how Americans feel when Over 600 companies urge Trump 2 days ago   04:23

CNBC's All-America Economic Survey asked if "Made in China" matters when making a purchase. CNBC's Steve Liesman joins "Squawk Box" to explain the results.