A Breakdown Of The New 'The Lion King' EVOLUTION of The LION KING Simba 9 months ago   08:11

Disney dropped its first teaser trailer for the new CGI-animated Lion King movie. The film features a star-studded cast from Beyoncé to Donald Glover. What stands out about the teaser that it features an almost shot-for-shot recreation of the opening from the 1994 animated version. We break down all the differences and similarities with intense scrutiny.


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A Breakdown Of The New 'The Lion King' Teaser Compared To The Original

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Michael Anderson
I have watched the movie it made me cry 😭😓
Hank Addison
This guy talks too much I literally had to unsubscribe and put a thumbs down
Tysin Thoren
Thanks for this
jeg_er_ikke_wiredish gggoodgame
How dare Disney they took the hula song out how dare they do it😤😤
Leia Alyanandini
You miss Hakuna Matata
Siobhan Cadogan
I hope it's not a disappointment 🐈
h o n e y
The fur was too long so I don’t like this movie
Rachel Garber
Thanks for not trashing the new movie, especially about the "color" one is a cartoon, the orher is live action. Do people not realize that Africa is not the same color as the cartoon makes it appear
8 minutes of complaining about differences. Bye
Aavale' Storm
I much did they pay you to do this video?
Barca Fans
So, what the point of this video??
Scott G.
Don't you wish you actually knew what you were talking about???
Mrs Jones
Really dude just watch the cartoon and enjoy your day
Tea Break
Dude ur comparing the scene with a teaser
Victoria Lesniewska
I went to see it it's so good and butiful
Rimar Ramautar
Mannnn dudeeee there is never gonna be a exact similarity animation is fantasy where everything is possible and a film is usually reality. Can't we just watch the movie.
Yesssss wrong about your commentary pleaseee it's still gonna be a great movie
Jerry Mae Perez
Blah blah blah you guys are talking too much... make your own duuuhhh
why are you stating the obvious for the entire video?
Lovely Ana
The movie is great ! Just saw it today. Stop bitching about little changes 😂
Ebony Eclipse
Pretty sure the red stick thing was changed to make it more "realistic" to the savanna, as the debate about what kind of fruit it was brought to light, that such a fruit didn't exist in that territory. SPOILER ALERT>>>
They also removed the line "Tastes like chicken" because... chickens didn't exist in Africa! There was also no iconic, and much loved, tower of animals in "I just can't wait to be king" song... I was waiting for it, and it just never happened. It took soooo much away from that scene. there was also no funny scene with Zazu singing "Lovely bunch of coconuts" in a cage ... why? because there ARE no coconuts in Africa. I was looking forward to the song with Beyoncé ,.... but her voice just didn't blend with Simba's so that whole scene, despite being visually amazing, was... lost. The thing that they did manage to add in the remake, was a sinister feel to the Elephant Grave yard, and the Hyena's. if you're hoping for funny Hyena's, you won't get them. Shenzi, is much more dark.They are trying to make a fantasy movie into a realistic one, and... in my opinion, that was the first mistake.
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EVOLUTION of The LION KING Simba A Breakdown Of The New 'The Lion King' 9 months ago   05:42

Here we can see evolution / history of The Lion King Simba in Cartoons, Movies and TV series 1994-2019. The Lion King trailer full movie scene
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►Media list:
The Lion King (1994)
The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998)
The Lion King 1½ (2004)
The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar (2015)
The Lion King (2019)

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