SpongeBob: Live Read of Help Q n A bersama Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward 10 months ago   15:14

There are three versions of the Help Wanted live reading on YouTube, with each of them missing a different part of it, as well as having varying audio/visual quality. One has good audio but a terrible angle, another has a good angle but terrible audio, and so on. I have compiled each recording into one video, showcasing this event in it's entirety, and with the best possible quality.

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This comments section in a nutshell:
“I didn’t know Tom Kenny voiced Spongebob, Gary AND The Narrator!” (Reply about Patchy)
“Where’s Sandy???”
“I’m [age over 13] and I love Spongebob”
“When Plankton showed up I laughed”
“This popped up in my recommendations!”
“Mr Krabs is the pirate??”
“They all wear glasses!”
“Spongebob didn’t hug Squidward!”
“RIP Stephen Hillenburg”

Thanks for 10+ million views!
Spider-Man fan 883
7:26 R.I.P headphone users
Herlina Wati
Orang indo mana nii
Note Gaming Paper

Chat Garcia
My favorite Spongebob square pants
Yo Sep
9:13 anyone else think it was oddly outside of spongebob's character here?
Rudi Anto
I love love love loved Spongebob so much much much. November 2019.
nawang wulan
It's so cool
Lars - Off Colors' Cpt.
I watch dozens of panels from animes that maybe a thousand people know about, so I have to take a moment to appreciate this panel and the fact that it's literally the biggest possible media lineup ever 😭 literal legends. I wouldn't be surprised if these guys had a football stadium for a panel
Sasmitha Nadra
Nice to see you.
I am from Indonesia.
I really like you dear SpongeBob.
Christa Lemos
Clancy singing the song is a mood
Resi Indahsari
John Gabex
I really like the shirt!
Ish Uluturk
I hate sponge bob squarepants ! Dislike me if you don’t like this comment .
MadInk 13
He needs a trophy! He deserves one after seeing him like that man!
Siscayulia Permatasari
Where plankton🙃
xxXGhostRabbitX Fortnite
Me Craps’s actor looks like someone from Detroit become human
Blue Alpha
I love SpongeBob, bug it hurt how cringe this was
ranggi malau
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Q n A bersama Spongebob, Patrick & Squidward SpongeBob: Live Read of Help 10 months ago   19:59

Ini jawaban2 kami atas pertanyaan2 teman-teman subscriber dan Viewer mengenai dubbing film Spongebob dan seputar Dubbernya..juga hal umum soal dubbing. Mohon maaf tdk semua bisa kami jawab satu persatu krn banyak pertanyaan yg sama. Mohon maaf juga jika tdk semua pertanyaan kami tampilkan screenshootnya di layar krn berat di proses render dan upload nya. Mohon maaf juga jika jawaban kami tdk memuaskan. Yg belum terjawab di part 1 dan 2 akan coba dijawab tertulis di komen IG. Makasih semua.