8 Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations Hollywood Marriages That Make 1 day ago   10:06

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8 Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations
Celebrities care about their image more than we can possibly imagine. From all of the eyes on them from fans to the media it can be pretty understandable why so many celebrities like Cardi B or even the Kardashians would get cosmetic work done to improve their looks. Some of these celebrities altered their appearances beyond belief and spent over 5 figures on some parts of their bodies! Be sure to leave a like and comment the keyword to enter the giveaway!

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bs 88
Megan foxed looked soooo much better before
Ryan Kraulik
Fake people
Ryan Kraulik
I think Sher is a man
Bridget Nkuna
Lil'kim is a whole other person!!😷🤕
Eva Dharma
everybody knows
that the Kardashian's and Jenner's had plastic surgery on her face and entire body
and yes, there's no more natural beauty among them all
Deborah Lowe
We're all beautiful and I'm sure that if given the opportunity to change something on our body we would definitely do it but again it takes money 💰
Ashley Melania
How sad. Vanity. Accept who you are big little short or tall - or whatever you are a beautiful person.. Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder. I don't know if that's written in the Bible or not?? I'm just saying. 🤗. Be well everybody stay safe.
Magda Vazquez
Demi Moore doesn't look young or beautiful
Magda Vazquez
Lil Kim ruined her beauty she was very pretty and went Jacko on her looks
Viva La Revolucion
But they can't buy happiness 🤗🙃
The last pic of Cardi B just dumb, that’s without and with makeup. 🤦🏼‍♀️
Megan Love
_ scfg
Dislike right away because of the clickbait thumbnail. Lmaoo.
Dominique Robinson
Lil Kim looks much uglier now. (Long sigh) 🙄😒😞
Bruce Lethbridge
Cardi B is soo delicious
Jordan Wennberg
Cher kinda looks like an older version of Lady Gaga with her blonde hair.
moon flower
Have to admit that kris Jenner's surgery is pretty good.
Kenzleigh Kay
Wait lol we all know cardi got her ass and titties dun then her nose come on now I see plastic surgery dun all over her
hiphop nation
LOL the Kardashians are my favorite 😆😆😆😊😊😊
just me
I think Sharon o was always beautiful Inside and out, but her plastic surgery definitely was very well done 🌹
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Hollywood Marriages That Make 8 Most Expensive Celebrity Transformations 1 day ago   10:38

Celebrity Couples Who Are Serious Couple Goals. They're Long Relationships and Lasting Love Make Us Believe In True Love In Hollywood.
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It’s easy to get jaded in the world of dating but there are some really inspiring unions out there that give us hope that there’s true love out there! We’re going to talk about some of the best couples in who have proven they have what it takes to go the distance. Ashton Kutcher was Mila Kunis’ first kiss and now they’re married with two kids! Some couples, like Pierce Brosnan and Keely Shaye Smith, say they fell in love at first sight, while others like Robert Downey Jr and Susan Levin took a little more time to make it work. John Krasinski has literally gone to great lengths to be there for his wife, Emily Blunt, and Kristen Bell forgave Dax Shepard for doing something pretty gross on their first date. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are a couple that believes in taking it slowly while Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith aren’t afraid to talk about the tough times they’ve been through. Even though Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky rushed to get married, they’ve been husband and wife for quite some time now. Some people are still relationship goals after being married for over a decade including David and Victoria Beckham and Meryl Streep and Don Gummer.

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