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Purple Lean: The New 'liquid Heroin' | Learn About The Dangers Of Lean, - At Up-Tube.com

Purple Lean: The New 'Liquid Heroin' Learn About the Dangers of Lean, 2 days ago   03:15

Teenagers are turning lemonade, boiled sweets and liquid codeine into a potentially lethal drug, an LBC investigation has uncovered.

The liquid Codeine is shipped in from Africa and France and can be easily bought on Instagram. It has risen in popularity after rap stars in the US starting singing about it and taking it in their videos.

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mikaylah, stop
The safe version is sprite and purple jolly ranchers 🤠
Purple lean ? how about purple death ?? I am really starting to not understand why some teens do the way they do things with drugs these days.
Its becoming to lethal and deadly. get yourself some pink lemonade, mountain dew whatever and go sit down somewhere ? thats your new non deadly purple dranks.
(besides the epic bathroom runs you will experience)
YahBoySplash nba
All Things Fortnite
im only gonna try it once its
Super Swag TV
its much better if kids start drinking len than you know snorting cocaine
Mariah Alford
New? Check back in the 90s
Terry Jackson
should make james ob drank some, hes become a right boring twirp recently what
Malkit Singh
Wat makes them any different to smackheads..cuz thats wat they are
Lemonade = Sprite
Boiled Sweets = Jolly Ranchers
Cough Syrup = *HEROIN*
Lean is so 2016 we do acid and black tar heroin now
Low IQ rappers call it purple drank. In the 90s it was Green Goddamighty by the low IQ whites.
Drew Ancey
Triggered teenagers in the comments lmao
Jans Kristoff
You're kind of an idiot.
this may explain why these university students are so ducking stupid then , or maybe not that’s probably down too the MSM propaganda fake news media but this drug may help in their brainwashing process of them believing the bullshit and fake news
jonathan rainey
its not a thing coke is way bigger
Gamer Boy
Damn it...glue is no longer popular?...i must be out of the loop....
Natalie Feelme?
that is and always was known and done. So it is nothing new. Bad thing is, that is why you can not get anything without a doctor anymore against a bad cough in Germany. I hate it if they change things because of those drug nuts. We pay for it.
Delete Existence
I just stick to smoking weed, I've done a bit of exploration but always came back to bud.

Need to quit it, the word that guy was looking for was 'lean'. He felt lean, laid back, chilled, mellow..
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Learn About the Dangers of Lean, Purple Lean: The New 'Liquid Heroin' 2 days ago   02:02

Parents! Learn about the dangers of "Lean", "Dirty Sprite", "Sizzurp", "Purple Drank" "Liquid Heroin"

This dangerous drug mix is being abused by Jamaican teens in an attempt to get high!

If you have concerns about your teen and substance abuse, you can call or text 564-HELP (4357) for assistance, or message us.